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Исследование воздействия поля минипирамидThe results of research into the effect of pyramidsИсследование воздействия поля минипирамидИсследование воздействия поля минипирамидИсследование воздействия поля минипирамид

Scientific experiments studying the effect of pyramids have shown that using them may be of invaluable help to people and become an inseparable part of our lives.

While the construction of large pyramids is an expensive business, the building of mini-pyramids is entirely realistic. Of course mini-pyramids do not have such a powerful structuring field as a large pyramid, nonetheless they do make it possible to tackle a fairly broad range of problems, provided they are made of correctly chosen material and the geometry is observed exactly.

Materials such as Perspex, cardboard, and various plastics are unsuitable for the construction of pyramids. Best of all are mini-pyramids made of glass as that material best matches the resonant qualities required to obtain the appropriate result. An important factor for the effectiveness of the structuring properties of a pyramid is the transitional zone determined by the structure of the material and the quality of the surface on the side faces of the pyramid. The stronger the contrast between the density of the air and the density of the material and the higher the quality of the surface, the better the properties of the pyramid.

Here it is important to point out too that scrupulous experiments showed that very small pyramids, up to 30 or 40 centimetres in height, lack the properties claimed for them. The miniature pyramids advertised and sold in shops do not do what they are supposed to and can be no more than fetish.

The bitter truth is that when the makers talk about the amazing properties of miniature pyramids, they actually cite the results of research carried out on large-scale structures (11 or even 22 metres high)!

 Specific, carefully conducted experiments have shown that an ideally-made quartz pyramid with a size of a few centimetres upwards has an effect within the following parameters.

The radius of the pyramid’s influence is equal to three times its height (r-3h). Hence the diameter of the zone of influence is no more than six times its height (d=6h)! Any claim that the working radius of such pyramids is tens or even hundreds of metres is totally unfounded! If you place a small quartz pyramid directly in a container of water, it will effectively structure (energize) the water. But if a 5-centimetre pyramid is placed 3 metres away from the container of water, the desired effect will not be achieved.

To have appreciable properties a pyramid needs to have a fairly large mass of its own and a carefully selected height connected with specific Shuman resonances, a relationship of multiples. It is best if the parameters of the pyramid are attuned to the main cyclical constants that determine a particular bio-energy rhythm for all living things on the planet.

A pyramid of this kind can easily be set up in the home or office. To have a fairly active structuring field a glass pyramid needs to be around 150 cm tall and 70 cm at the base. The configuration of such a pyramid will differ from the familiar shape of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, as the faces slope at a different angle, which makes it possible to intensify the structuring field of the pyramid. It is important to stress that the key parameter here will be relation between height of pyramid and lenght of the pyramid base tuned on Earth own eigen-frequency in low vibratory range!


Inside the pyramid has several energy levels or zones. The upper table is the zone where energy is most concentrated. In the search for the keys to the properties of the “Fountain of Life” it emerged that water placed in this zone will stay sweet for years. The structuring field at this level suppresses the activity of harmful bacteria. I This effect is due to the increased acidity (lower pH) of water placed in this zone. Interestingly, the Ancients described such waters as “dead water”.  In reality, though it is not dead. The field in this zones has the effect of slowing the course of biological time and so bacteria placed within it show reduced activity. This effect should be understood not as some influence suppressing the activity of bacteria, but as a manifestation of the slowing of biological time (the activeness of processes). For that reason the ability of “dead water” to redistribute energy, taking away an excess in the case of inflammatory processes is in reality due to a retardation of the negative processes. Such water has a beneficial effect in cases of low acidity and many other disorders of the digestive tract. The field in this (focal) zone has particular effect on the energy rhythms of water molecules and consequently on everything that interacts with that water. The same properties are associated with the lower platform of the stand inside the pyramid.

Lowest level (floor) of the pyramid has a strong stimulating field with a positive effect on living things. The field in this zone acts on the molecular structure and energy rhythms of water, investing its with other properties. It becomes alkaline (higher pH) and has greater electrical conductivity. Natural alkaline water is known as “living water”.

It should be noted that the changes in acidity (pH value ) of the water without any chemical interaction with the surrounding environment observed during the experiments were exclusively due to the change in the internal energy of the given system (the pyramid). Research carried out in the St Petersburg research laboratory of the RADIANT company in St Petersburg showed for the first time in the world the existence of several zones of energy concentration within the pyramid that have different characteristics.

Experiments convincingly demonstrated that both dry and liquid medicines exposed in the pyramid tend to increase immunity. Ordinary or mineral water, juices, oils and decoctions of medicinal herbs exposed in the pyramid are very effective in the treatment of ulcers, gastritis and other disorders of the digestive tract and urinogenital system when these are in an active phase. Here too we should add that if you put your household first-aid kit (liquid and solid medicines) in the pyramid, then the effectiveness of antibiotics, for example, will increase by almost 5–10%.

Apart from medicines, you can place in the pyramid all kinds of creams, ointments, mineral waters, liquid extracts of medicinal herbs and much else. Creams and ointments processed in the lowest level will further the disappearance of skin irritations, suppressing the activity of harmful bacteria. Everything placed at the lowest level will encourage the healing of minor wounds, activate the regeneration of skin tissue, having a positive effect on superficial blood-vessels and much else. Liquids consumed after their exposure in the pyramid have a pronounced onco-repellent and antiviral influence.