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Стельки с медно-цинковыми вкладышамиBIOSTIMULATING INSOLESСтельки с медно-цинковыми вкладышамиСтельки с медно-цинковыми вкладышамиСтельки с медно-цинковыми вкладышами

The right remedy is one whose use really does reduce obvious and hidden abnormalities, improves a person’s general condition and gives them back a feeling of ease and the joy of life.

The right remedy removes the cause of an abnormality and as a result the illness abates.

The right remedy is not a chemical preparation that poisons the organism and weakens the immune system.

         The human organism is self-sufficient and capable of producing all the substances and hormones necessary for its vital functions. By introducing various medicinal preparations into the body, even when it is an urgent necessity, we interfere with the natural mechanisms, which adversely affects the immune system. Modern medicinal treatment is based on the use of substances that cause the opposite symptoms to those produced by an illness. For example, when we catch a cold our body temperature rises, so we take medicines that bring it down. But, in fact, the therapeutic effect arises not because the medicine has an influence directly on the illness. The activation of defence mechanisms that mobilize the body’s internal forces to fight the illness is the immune system’s defensive reaction to the chemical preparation that was introduced. Defending the organism from the influence of any harmful factors, the endocrinal system discharges hormones into the blood that suppress negative processes. The therapeutic effect arises not from the action of the preparation, but as a result of the immune system’s defensive reaction. This kind of treatment is unnatural for the body and inevitably leads to exhaustion of the immune system and immunodeficiency.

       Proper treatment should not exhaust the immune system, but on the contrary strengthen it, increasing the organism’s energy level, naturally improving the state of the nervous and endocrine systems with the aid of mechanisms envisaged by human nature itself.


Insoles with copper and zinc inserts are a proper remedy that activates the natural mechanisms envisaged by human nature itself.

         When in use the insoles with copper and zinc inserts create a potential difference between the right and left sides of the body, which leads to the activation of interacting Yin-Yang energy flows in the organism and to harmonization a person’s energy system. This factor is the basis of the mechanism envisaged by human nature itself. Moreover all the processes taking place in the organism are monitored and directed by the organism itself, since it alone knows what is needed to correct the abnormalities that have arisen within it. Use of the insoles with copper and zinc inserts activates the energy system, increases its efficiency at absorbing the energy flow; the organisms energy capacity increases, immunity is strengthened, the state of the vascular system improves and many ailments abate.

       The insoles with copper and zinc inserts are unique and the result of deep study of the texts of ancient papyruses, architectural monuments and medical treatises from such outstanding civilizations of Antiquity as Egypt, China and Tibet.


        Insoles with copper and zinc inserts activate deep-seated natural mechanisms, producing a subtle healing effect on the human organism and energy system. They are intended for men and women and are a unique and effective means of increasing one’s capacity for work and general vitality, for the prevention and treatment of disorders of the legs, urino-genital system, the small pelvis and the spine caused by injury, overload and circulatory disturbances, and also to normalize blood pressure.


In view of the peculiarities of the male and female organisms and of the human energy system, two different types of insoles with copper and zinc inserts are available.

Type 1: BA-KA insoles (Right insole with only copper inserts, left with only zinc)

Besides what has already been said, this combination of insoles is recommended for the prevention and treatment of:

§   Osteochondrosis

§   Pinched nerves

§   Herniated (slipped) disks

§   Arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis

§   Problems connected with varicose veins

§   Prostatitis

§   Impotence

§   Ovarian dysfunctions

§   Circulatory disorders

§   Fatigue and reduced capacity for work

§   Unstable arterial and intracranial pressure


In addition the insoles are an effective means of:

§   Easing tension in the leg muscles

§   Increasing sexual activity

§   Treating impotence (resulting from circulatory problems)

§   Relieving pain and swelling associated with herniated (slipped) disks (in combination with the copper patches)

§   Relieving pain and increasing the excretion of excess salts in those suffering from osteochondrosis

§   General activation of the circulation

§   Improving the flow of lymph

§   Strengthening the immune system

§   Normalizing blood pressure

§   Accelerating the regeneration of bone tissue following fractures

§   Fighting fungal infections of the feet

§   Strengthening the immune system

§    Correcting and restoring bio-energy rhythms

§    Increasing the muscle tone of the uterus

§    Preventing adhesions is the organs of the small pelvis

This is important because the blood supply to the foetus and the mother’s internal organs is made worse by the constant pressure of the growing foetus on the blood vessels of the lower pelvis, which negatively affects the health of a pregnant woman.

Type 2: YIN-YANG insoles

(a special configuration of copper and zinc inserts capable of balancing and harmonizing the field (Yin-Yang) not only between the right and left sides of the body, but also between the front and back projections of the human energy channels)

This type of insoles is intended for people suffering from severe forms of arthritis, polyarthritis and arthrosis, and also for pain relief in varicose veins in the legs. With regular use of these insoles the venous network disappears.

         The use of insoles with copper and zinc inserts before conception and during pregnancy reduces the risk of these and other disorders listed above being passed on from mother to child.


The insoles with copper and zinc inserts are intended to be worn every day by men and women. They can be placed in any footwear you find comfortable. You can even use the insoles at night by putting them inside socks. The amount of time they can be used is not limited.


The use of the insoles in conjunction with drinks with a powerful tonic effect such as coffee and also strong alcoholic drinks (over 30% by volume, 60% proof), especially when taken before sleep, is not recommended as this will lead to a general increase in tone, that may lead to a state of over-excitement and vigour lasting through until the morning.


·        The use of the insoles is not recommended for those suffering from serious forms of epilepsy

·        The use of the insoles with copper and zinc inserts is not recommended for those suffering from serious forms of thrombophlebitis.


The principle on which the insoles function is based on the ancient theory that disorders in the organism are a result of imbalance between the energies of the two opposite components of biological time forming the human energy system, known in the Oriental tradition as “Yin-Yang”. The potential difference created with the aid of the insoles effectively stimulates the balancing of electrical potentials between the right and left halves of the body, of the organism’s electro-magnetic field, harmonization of the Yin-Yang, normalization of the pH of the blood, improving its fluidity, and also stimulates the energy projections of the organs and systems that emerge on the surface of the feet.

As a result of the effect of the insoles, an increase in the energy level is observed, together with activation of the circulation, the circulatory system, the spine and the prostate that are closely connected with the projection of the first energy centre. It is of fundamental importance that the potential difference (galvanic effect) that arises between the insoles is of a natural character, connected with and synchronized with nature and the body’s biorhythms. In other words, this approach fully accords with the very ancient principle that postulates the need to orientate on mechanisms envisaged by human nature itself.

Systematic use of the insoles with copper and zinc inserts results in an improvement of the state of organs with anomalies associated with the inhibition or disruption of the circulation.


Behind the mechanism by which the insoles with copper and zinc inserts function lies the method of balancing the body’s energy and electrical potentials and also of stimulating the energy channels of the organs and systems that have their projections on the feet.

It is a known fact that the right side of a human being is positively charged, and the left negatively. Copper and zinc are a galvanic pair. As soon as a person applies copper and zinc electrodes to the soles of their feet, a potential difference forms of between 0.8 and 1 volt and sometimes more. The weak electrical fields created by the insoles with copper and zinc inserts increase the energy of the cells. A process called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthesis is constantly taking place in every cell. The artificial fields created with the aid of the insoles are capable of increasing the level of energy released during ATP synthesis several times over. Therefore people who regularly use the insoles notice an appreciable increase in energy level and in general vitality.

At the same time the cells' capacity to take up (accumulate) energy increases by 35-40%, the production of protein increases by 70-75%, the assimilation of calcium is improved which is especially important for osteoporosis sufferers. Connective tissues strengthen, fractures heal more quickly which is especially important for the elderly. The weak currents also improve blood supply to the skin.

Studies revealed that the metals that make up the functioning elements of the insoles interact with the wearer's bio-field to generate fields that activate the organism's defensive functions. On the physical plane there is stimulation of those organs whose nerve endings and energy centres have their projections on the feet. Besides this there is stimulation of the blood circulation in the prostate that is a projection of the first energy centre which has energy projections on the feet. As a consequence of such stimulation, there is a detectable activation of the blood circulation in the prostate in men and of the ovaries in women, which are a projection of the first energy centre. There is an activation of the blood supply to the spine and correction of disorders caused by disturbances of the blood supply.

        This strategy is especially effective in cases of osteochondrosis, lumbago, to reduce or eliminate the pain syndrome caused by muscular compression of nerve endings, herniated spinal discs and the consequences of cerebrospinal injuries. The insoles are a useful treatment for prostatitis, ovarian dysfunctions and certain forms of impotence caused by circulatory disturbances.


      Besides the biostimulating insoles, another effective means of boosting your immune, nervous and endocrine systems is the Wands of Horus.

Pick up any book about Ancient Egyptian culture and take a close look at the statues of the pharaohs – they are clutching something like cylinders in their hands. The Wands of Horus are the most commonly found attribute in statues of the rulers and priests of Ancient Egypt, because they were objects of the greatest significance. Research has shown that they used the Wands of Horus primarily as a means of preventing cancer.

The brilliant simplicity of the ancient health-giving method lies in the fact that stimulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary system (the 6th and 7th energy centres) with the aid of the Wands of Horus and of the prostate (1st energy centre) with the aid of the insoles closes the organism’s energy circuit. The effect is similar to what occurs when positive touches negative and an electrical current arises between the two poles.

This method produces a practically immediate rise in the general energy level of the body, retardation of the auto-immune processes, improvement of the flow of lymph, stimulation of the endocrine glands, activation of the blood circulation of the spine and the prostate gland. The activeness of the immune system is very closely connected with what are called “immuno-competent” cells produced by the spine. By blocking the spine’s energy system osteochondrosis weakens the immune system. Therefore, depending on the seriousness of the disorders, in some cases use of the insoles, skin patches and Wands of Horus, such a marked improvement can be observed that effectively it is possible to speak of a cure where further negative development practically ceases.

Therefore the insoles with copper and zinc inserts, the Wands of Horus and copper patches can be recommended as an effective means of improving one’s health, boosting the immune, nervous and endocrine systems, retarding the aging processes and preventing cancer.


All rights in respect of the manufacture of insoles with copper and zinc inserts and the Wands of Horus are protected by patents of the Russian Federation.


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