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Жезлы ГораThe Wands of HorusЖезлы ГораЖезлы ГораЖезлы Гора

For the priests and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus — metal cylinders filled with various special materials — were a tool enabling an “initiate”  to pass over the “boundary of death”, not in a figurative sense, but in the direct one. Those wands, with which the pharaohs never parted throughout their lives, were harmonisers of the two basic flows of energy which the Ancient Egyptians called BA and KA, corresponding to Yin and Yang in the Oriental tradition . For the Ancient Egyptians BA and KA were the two component elements of the human entity, the two sources of vital energy. While they are interacting properly, the vital functions of the organism are maintained and the person lives without any particular problems. Since given encient isoteric view is missing main aspect, it is necessary to point out that each of two energy flows, first of all, is a flow of Time, influencing main factor of life of each organism – speed of inner biological time, which should be harmonized (sincronized) with flow of time of maternal organism of the Earth! To regulate the energy balance of “BA-KA”, influencing speed of inner time flow in the body the Ancient Egyptians used “Wands of Horus” — cylinders with various contents.

This sculptural group  (Triad of gods protectors of King Osirken II [Osorkon II]), speaks of this in symbolic terms. The KA wand is in the right hand of the god Heru (Horus). The male figure symbolises the flow of KA or Yang energy (the male principle). The deity is an embodiment of the energy plane. The Yin wand is in the left hand of the goddess Aset (Isis), who represents the female principle, that is to say the flow of BA energy. In the centre is Asar (Osiris) with two energy-giving hands directed towards him.

The use of these wands to a considerable extent helped the pharaoh (or other user) to perfect his nervous, energetic and (as a consequence) immune systems, to improve his health and physical condition, since the cylinders had a beneficial effect on those areas. As soon as the wands contain various fillings, this, in turn, determines certain difference in their properties.

In Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus were filled with quartz crystals of differing sizes. The size of the crystals depending on the task they were seeking to accomplish, the state of the health and energy system of the user. In the initial phase fine-grain quartzites (a special white sand) were used. Cylinders containing white sand have a positive effect on a person’s energy channels, activating them. Then the Ancients used medium- and large-grained quartzites, raising their energy systems to a higher level of potential. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of Horus Quartz.

The following variety of Wands of Horus contained monocrystalline quartz. This type of cylinder was intended for priestly healers. The energy “cocoon” created by this type on the one hand has a powerful stimulating and harmonising effect on the patient, on the others acts to implement and relay thought programs (images) originating in the healer’s consciousness. We shall call this type of cylinder Wands of Horus Crystal; and Wands of Horus Mono.

While they have all the qualities of the Wands of Horus with small-particle quartzite filling, the Wands of Horus Mono have several important differences:

First: the Wands of Horus Mono have a more powerful impulse-based stimulating effect on a person’s energy structure. As a consequence, if this type of the Wands of Horus is used by people with a weak energy system, it may induce a pain syndrome in a problem area. This is due to the increased excess of energy in the zone of disruption. If some energy channel has disrupted bio-energy rhythms and lacks the necessary conductivity, then the resultant excess of energy, causing a sensation of bloatedness or pressure at the site of a problem may develop into pain. It is for this reason that we do not recommend this type for people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. .

Second: in interacting with a person’s energy structure (aura), the Wands of Horus Mono launch a process of internal scanning of the user’s organism, after which the energy system (aura) itself begins to work on the specific pathology in the organism. It is for this reason that many users of the Wands of Horus Mono have noticed the appearance of sensations of vibrations or sort of jerks in localized (problem) zones. The monocrystals used in this type of Wands of Horus are carefully selected in accordance with special criteria.

Third: due to the homogeneous structure of the monocrystal placed in the Wands of Horus MONO, their effect on the electromagnetic and energy capsule (field) of the human organism stimulates the organism to produce an energy cocoon of a special type of energy around the body. This energy submits well to thought control. This is precisely why for many ancient civilisations quartz was a sacred mineral, while “Wands of Horus” with monocrystals were an inseparable part of the life and activities of the priestly healers. In essence, Wands of Horus Mono are something like thought amplifiers making it possible to direct psychic energy (impulse) to the accomplishment of specific tasks — to stop or suppress some negative process in the organism, for example. Such wands open up special possibilities, but it is of fundamental importance that the user recognize the necessity to control the direction and quality of his/her thoughts.

Provided users work with them regularly (preferably by the sea or in a forest), in three weeks Wands of Horus Mono will create an up to 3-metre cocoon (aura) around them, completely restoring their energy balance. No other tool available today has such an effect. Possessors of such an aura can take a sick person into their energy field and act upon the disorder in the patient’s body without using their hands (no passes), simply and exclusively by the power of thought, by imagining what should take place in the diseased organ. This opens up fundamentally different possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of the sick and for the development of parapsychological potential. This was indirectly registered at the Polyclinic of the Medical Centre of the Administration of the Russian Federation President in Moscow.

During the experiment with the Wands of Horus Mono electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings were made registering changes in the bio-electric activity of the cerebral cortex. Although the Wands of Horus were held for only five minutes, instruments recorded:

1.     a smooth change in the bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex;

2.     a reduction in asymmetry between the hemispheres in the rear sections;

3.     the alpha-rhythm with a frequency of 10 Hz being more stable in all parts of the cerebral cortex (N.B. alpha waves are found only in humans!)

4.  polymorphic beta activity, growing in amplitude, in all areas of the cerebral cortex.

Concentrating on the main thing, let us explain in a different way the significance of what the electroencephalograph registered.

As far back as 1953, W. Grey, who studied brain rhythms, suggested that the brain’s sensitivity to electrical influences could provide a link between the human being and some principle suffusing everything around us! It is important to note here that the length of the electromagnetic waves with alpha-rhythm frequency is very close to the circumference of the globe and the natural resonances of the Earth-ionosphere system, in which the length of the main resonance wave is close to the circumference of the Earth![122]

Analyzing the link between brain rhythms and the electromagnetic fields in the thin wave-carrying spherical layer between the Earth’s surface and the lower ionosphere (following Schumann, 1952) Grey Walter and Warren MacCulloch came to the conclusion that the alpha rhythm is characteristic of a process of “scanning” thought images when concentrating on some intellectual problem. In 1960 Koenig and his collaborators noted the closeness between the main resonance frequency of the globe and human alpha rhythms.

In 1924 B.B.Kazhinsky established, together with V.L.Durov, that “waves of thought energy (electromagnetic oscillations of a particular frequency) radiated by the nervous system disperse from it in all directions in a spheroid manner, forming an alternating energy (electromagnetic field) at every point in the surrounding space. Every point in this space (field) will have changing potentials under the influence of the waves of thought energy. Thus, if in their path those waves of thought energy encounter a suitable conductor–receiver (the nervous system of some other living being), they will induce in the second organism varying currents characteristic of radiated thought information.” [28].

This conclusion provides a scientific explanation for the mechanism of telepathic communication between people, in which the Wands of Horus Mono acted as amplifiers of such abilities.

Geometrically, the Wands of Horus are also attuned to the main resonance — the planet’s own frequency of vibration. For precisely this reason, even the brief influence of the Wands of Horus on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure stimulates concentration on self-made internal images, intensifying the trance or meditative effect. Whereas psychics often need months of unremitting training to attain the necessary levels, when the Wands of Horus Mono are used, training times are substantially reduced, while the effect obtained significantly exceeds those that can be attained by ordinary means.

Priests with a well developed and prepared energy system used Wands of Horus Mono with crystals cut in a special way that strengthened certain of the wands’ properties.

Let us focus on two brilliant ideas that the ancient priest implemented to tackle specific tasks.

Creating a tool to interact with particular energy flows, they placed inside the “wands of Horus” crystals cut to the shape of six- and nine-faceted prisms. Among other things, hexagonal crystals were placed in the wands to synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth .

This choice was not accidental and is connected with a number of phenomenal properties possessed by the energy fields of the Earth and characteristic also of other planets in the Solar System. Take a look at this curious picture, taken by an American space vehicle making a photographic survey of the north pole of Jupiter. The photograph recorded a very pronounced hexagonal formation (darkening) of immense size that is undoubtedly connected with the magnetic and energy fields of Jupiter’s core.

The Earth’s energy and magnetic fields display the same properties. We know that the iron making up the Earth’s core is at a temperature close to melting-point and under tremendous pressure is densely “packed” into crystalline hexagons,[100] hence the resonance with the hexagonal (six-faceted) structure of the quartz. It is no coincidence that as water comes up to its boiling point hexagonal bulges appear on its surface. Those are characteristics of the Earth’s energy fields. Thus, in view of the structural characteristics of quartz, water and the Earth’s energy fields to effectively synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth the ancients used wands containing hexagonal crystals.

To stimulate and synchronize the human energy system with the energy flows of the ninth level of the Universe’s energy system transformed by the Earth’s core, the priests used “Wands of Horus” containing nine-faceted crystals.

Experiments have shown that this type of wand has a more intense (active) effect on the human energy system. On the physical plane, the self-tuning of the wands to the individual organism is considerably quicker, the activity of the cardio-vascular system is stimulated more rapidly, which manifests itself in a faster expansion of the vessels and increased intensity of heart contractions. The Wands of Horus Mono with a nine-faceted crystal have a more pronounced (powerful) effect, which is accompanied by more acute sensations. Even less sensitive people feel the influence of this type of wand more intensely, but this is a tool that should only be used by those who have undergone a period of preparation and developed their energy sufficiently through daily work with Wands of Horus Mono, Kont, Quartz or Crystal for no less than one annual cycle. 

For the priests of Aakh (Ankh) a special place was always occupied by an instrument shrouded in mystery, the basis of which was the specially prepared “Spring” crystal. The crystal was specially selected and treated in a particular way to attune it to a particular person. The production of such a highly individual tool was a long process. After the tuning, the crystal became effectively an “energy source” intended to tap into the source of natural cosmic energy transformed by the Earth’s core. In tribute to the creators of this amazing instrument, we shall call this type of cylinder Wands of Horus Spring.

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