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The Wands of Horus CRYSTAL have the same properties as the Wands of Horus MONO but differ in having a more specific effect due to the heterogeneous structure of the crystals.

The Wands of Horus CRYSTAL are a special type of the wands that contain several monocrystals of quartz that have a particular pattern of facets. The selection of crystals according to particular criteria and the use of certain combinations of faceting for the Wands of Horus CRYSTAL make it possible to obtain a tool for the correction of problems associated with disruptions to cardiac rhythm.

The function of the heart is characterized by the periodic succession of two opposite states of the myocardium: tense (systolic) and relaxed (diastolic). The harmonious working of the heart is connected with a certain “set” of opposites in the cardiac cycle, such as the tensing and relaxing of the heart muscle.

It is known that a person has a certain heart frequency at which the length of the systole, diastole and the whole cycle relate to each other in the proportions of the “Golden Section”.

This “golden” frequency is practically equal to the cardiac rhythm of healthy, physically active organisms when at rest. The “golden regime” of blood-supply to the entire organism (and the heart itself in particular) is the most economical in comparison with other regimes that correspond to different levels of physical activity.

The quartz monocrystals in the Wands of Horus CRYSTAL, selected and prepared in the special “Golden Proportion” such that their frequency corresponds to that of the contractions of the heart muscle, bringing the heart rhythm to the “golden regime”. As a result the regime of blood-supply to the entire organism (and the heart) becomes more economical and the contractions rhythmical, preserving the heart’s resources of energy. So the Wands of Horus CRYSTAL are good for correcting problems arising from arrhythmia.

The basic set comprises: Wands of Horus Crystal, 4 large copper patches, 20 small copper patches, insoles with copper-zinc liners to stimulate the first chakra, the spine, the prostate (in men), the ovaries (in women) and the adrenal glands, and also special straps to keep the Wands attached to the hands at night, a cloth bag, a certificate of conformity, cardboard packaging, and the Wands of Horus book with instructions for use.

All the varieties of the Wands of Horus, the trademarks “Wands of Horus” and the Russian "Жезлы Гора", the pyramids and insoles with copper-zinc liners are protected by Russian Federation patents and have all the necessary certificates.

Sanitary certificates for the Wands of Horus.