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The Wands of Horus BJA are a type of wands filled in accordance with an ancient formula with native (naturally pure, uncombined) iron that the Ancient Egyptians called “Bja”. In the priestly practices and spiritual traditions of Egypt Bja occupied a special place. Judging by the texts, the priests obtained their knowledge about the properties of Bja in deep antiquity from the Neferu. The use of native iron was determined by its special influence on the human organism and energy system, primarily, because of its ability to synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth. The transfer of the energies radiated by the core of our planet into the human organism is accomplished through the resonance linking the structure of the iron core of the planet to the structure of native iron. Such a close resonance link made it possible to “pour” into a human being energy that opens up a capacity for clairvoyance and clairaudience. For that very reason the priests used native iron to manufacture special magic tools. Here is how this property is described in one of the pyramid texts:

"I strike your mouth for you with the Adze of Upuat (the guide into the other world); I open you mouth with the Adze of Bja that opens the mouths of the gods…...                   "[Pyramid texts, 13]. "...

The word Bja often occurs in the Pyramid Texts.

Practical work carried out with Wands of Horus with native iron cores by way of experimentation made it possible to identify a number of their amazing properties.

First: as a result of the synchronization of the human energy system with that of the Earth, the Wands of Horus BJA with native iron filling increase a person’s sensitivity and psychic abilities! This effect indicates that the naturally-formed crystalline structure of the native iron manifests itself as a source of special energy, revealing a person’s hidden capacities and stimulating his or her immune and energy systems. With regular use of the Wands of Horus BJA we observe a increase in sensory and psychic sensitivity up to 14% of the potential of the specific user!

Second: systematic use of the Wands of Horus BJA increases the organism’s resistance to the negative effects of solar and magnetic storms! There is also an increase in the organism’s antiviral activity which indicates a greater immune resistance! Al this shows directly that Bja restores the interaction between the human immune system and the “sour of life” that for human beings is the energy and immune system of the Earth.

With their strong, yet gentle effect the Wands of Horus BJA introduce into the energy system a flow of absolutely special energy without which serious results in self-improvement, harmonious and, most importantly, safe development of clairvoyance and subtle sensitivities are simply impossible! That is why in Antiquity Bja was considered the sacred metal of the gods.

All varieties of the Wands of Horus, and also the materials from which the copper and magnetic patches, as well as the insoles with copper-zinc liners, undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid built specially for the purpose.

This gives the Wands of Horus special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

The basic set comprises: Wands of Horus BJA, 4 large copper patches, 20 small copper patches, insoles with copper-zinc liners to stimulate the first chakra, the spine, the prostate (in men), the ovaries (in women) and the adrenal glands, and also special straps to keep the Wands attached to the hands at night, a cloth bag, a certificate of conformity, cardboard packaging, and the Wands of Horus book with instructions for use.

All the varieties of the Wands of Horus, the trademarks “Wands of Horus” and the Russian "Жезлы Гора", the pyramids and insoles with copper-zinc liners are protected by Russian Federation patents and have all the necessary certificates.

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