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The Wands of Horus KONT with coal and ferromagnetic filling synchronize a user’s energy system with the energy flow of the Earth’s core. Synchronization of the energy shell and energy channels is accomplished at low frequency and so the Wands of Horus KONT have a positive, restorative reflect on heart rhythm.

 If the Wands of Horus KONT are used at night, between 11 pm and 4 pm, they act upon the nervous system promoting the activation of processes of cell regeneration and renewal and thus rejuvenating the organism (seeAppendix 15).

The Wands of Horus KONT are good for those with high blood pressure and also as a means of improving sleep and recovering rapidly after stress. Any type of the Wands of Horus effectively restore the nervous system, but the Wands of Horus KONT have a more pronounced impulse effect, capable of getting an existing problem moving, which is important in critical situations.

The Wands of Horus KONT effectively retard auto-immune processes and so they are recommended for those suffering from oncological disorders.

Daily use of the Wands of Horus KONT with magnetic patches gives a powerful stimulation to the immune system and has a strong effect against tumours.

The Wands of Horus KONT are also recommended with magnetic patches for use by healthy people for a few days each month because this type is particularly suited to preventing sclerosis, benign and malignant tumours, and also to treat serious forms of arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis.

All varieties of the Wands of Horus, and also the materials from which the copper and magnetic patches, as well as the insoles with copper-zinc liners, undergo 12-day cycles of exposure in a large pyramid built specially for the purpose.

This gives the Wands of Horus special properties and enable them to attune themselves quickly and deeply to the human organism.

The basic set comprises: Wands of Horus KONT, 4 large copper patches, 4 magnetic patches, 20 small copper patches, insoles with copper-zinc liners to stimulate the first chakra, the spine, the prostate (in men), the ovaries (in women) and the adrenal glands, and also special straps to keep the Wands attached to the hands at night, a cloth bag, a certificate of conformity, cardboard packaging, and the Wands of Horus book with instructions for use.

All the varieties of the Wands of Horus, the trademarks “Wands of Horus” and the Russian "Жезлы Гора", the pyramids and insoles with copper-zinc liners are protected by Russian Federation patents and have all the necessary certificates.

Sanitary certificates for the Wands of Horus