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МОНО (12-гранник)The Wands of horus Mono (12-faceted)МОНО (12-гранник)МОНО (12-гранник)МОНО (12-гранник)

The Wands of Horus Mono with a twelve-faceted crystal are designed to stimulate and synchronize the 12 human energy bodies with the 12 energy bodies of our Solar system and 12 energy bodies of The Universe (God). This encient technology follows the principle of 12! 12-part cycles (rhythms): the 12 hours of the day and night, the 12 months of the year and the main 12-year cycle, made up of three 4-year cycles, the 12 divisions of the main precessional cycle and so on. All this is needed to get human energy system attuned to the rhythms of the most important cycles in the energy flows of the Earth and cosmos.

Experiments have shown that this type of wand has a more intense (active) effect on the human energy system. On the physical plane, the self-tuning of the wands to the individual organism is considerably quicker, the activity of the cardio-vascular system is stimulated more rapidly, which manifests itself in a faster expansion of the vessels and increased intensity of heart contractions. The Wands of Horus Mono with a twelve-faceted crystal have a very pronounced (powerful) effect, which is accompanied by more acute sensations. Even less sensitive people feel the influence of this type of wand more intensely.

This is a tool that should only be used by those who have undergone a period of preparation and developed their energy sufficiently through daily work with Wands of Horus Mono-6, Mono-9 and Kont or BJA for no less than one year Wands of Horus Mono-12 are supplied with;

• 4 copper patches (big)
• 20 small copper patches (with tiny holes)
• Night bands
• Biostimulator shoe insoles
• Certificate
• Cotton bag
• User Guide