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МагнитныеMagnetic extentionsМагнитныеМагнитныеМагнитные


The magnetic extentions are very effective for healing: sclerosis, inflammation of the internal organs, dystrophies, arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, osteoporosis, cancer and tumors.

One of the ways to destabilize the cancer process may be to use devices with a high level of magnetic induction. Strong magnetic fields are capable of inducing a contraction (deformation) of the energy carcass – the matrix of the forming energy system, which will lead to destabilization of the growth of the tumor, as the energy system created by the cancer is unstable. Besides, a high level of magnetism can provoke the defensive functions of the immune system with the discharge of hormones into the blood stream (endocrinal aggression). For that reason, in certain cancers of the internal organs, a positive therapeutic effect may be obtained by destabilizing the growth of the tumor using Wands of Horus KONT and special extensions with a high level of magnetic induction.

For detailed information read The Wands of Horus book.