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Мелкие медныеSmall copper patches Мелкие медныеМелкие медныеМелкие медные


20 small copper patches with microholes for stimulation of immune system, local activisation of bloodcirculation and stimulation of energetic zones having projection on skin. This small patches are very effective tool to heal osteochondrosis and many other ilnesses connected with bloodcirculation diseases (trophopathy). 

For the local enhancement of blood circulation and the stimulation of the energy activity of zones that have projections on the surface of the skin, you should make use of the special copper patches. They are distinctive in having small holes through them that are made to a particular pattern.

The holes in the copper patches are required because on the surface of the skin there are spiral-shaped energy vortices (funnels). These spiral vortices play a special role in the energy exchange between the skin and the surrounding energy environment. They are an inseparable part of a person’s energy shell and so the character of these vortices plays a special role in the functioning of the organs and bodily systems that have projections on the surface of the skin. As these vortices are something like energy sensors directly connected with the organs and blood system, the presence of openings through which the flows of energy vortices can penetrate permits the increased energy activity of the places (zones), to which they are applied. Such patches are, for example, very effective in the treatment of osteochondrosis and many other disorders arising from circulatory dysfunctions.

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