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Крупные медныеLarge copper patches Крупные медныеКрупные медныеКрупные медные

Large copper patches

To intensify the stimulating effect of the Wands of Horus on the immune system and for a deeper corrective effect on the secondary consequences (symptoms) of diseases, as well as on diseases in a latent phase, it is necessary to use the Wands of Horus in conjunction with special copper patches.

These copper patches are applied to the appropriate acupuncture points on the body. First, the use of the patches in conjunction with the Wands of Horus enables the vibrations to penetrate deeper and have a more beneficial influence on the organism and its pathology. Secondly, the use of the patches makes it possible to have an effect directed on a particular organ (disorder) or on the immune system as a whole.

In principle, the use of copper patches opens up extensive opportunities for targeted work on pathological conditions of various organs, but, on the other hand, we would like to stress immediately and especially, that such work should only be performed in consultation with a specialist capable of effectively and continuously assessing the condition of whatever organ is the target of the work.

The patches are applied to the Hegu and Zusanli points on the side where there is insufficient energy. This produces a evening-out redistribution.

The targeting of diseased organs with the aid of copper patches and the Wands of Horus can produce a good therapeutic effect in cases of a serious dystrophic process, such as diabetes mellitus.

For detailed information read The Wands of Horus book.