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ФАЗА 9Pyramid construction - phase 9ФАЗА 9ФАЗА 9ФАЗА 9

Winter and spring 2009 brought us a lot of new things. One should admit that all the problems which we faced in the process of the pyramid building opened our eyes on the difficulties, which in their time the builders of the ancient pyramids used to face. Undoubtedly, this a huge experience which has allowed to understand the nuances and to analyze some technological decisions used by our predecessors. At this time we researched the energy sources, which planned to install in the pyramid. And in summer 2009 we started to implement our plans. At the first stage it was necessary to install 8 energy sources into the caves specially prepared for this in the pyramid floor. On the first picture made at the very beginning of the building one can see well 9 square openings in the pyramid basement.

But under the cave which is in the first chamber there is a well. The water from the well will be given to the reservoirs, which are in the pyramid walls. Then after long exposition it will be shot into the special pools for water procedures.

In the realization of this most important stage of forming the pyramid energy structure such people took part as Andrey Korman and Ilya Korman from the Crimean Regional Centre of the Human Development www.crimbiocomp89.com, Boris Kiselyov and Valeriy Uvarov from St. Petersburg.

The whole winter of 2009 we were manually creating the energy sources. The source itself, the structure of which we managed to understand due to the researches of the ancient monuments, is a very complex and multilevel construction. It took us a lot of time to prepare the whole system which then will be installed into the floor, walls and ceilings of the pyramid. In the process of making we were sure that something absolutely special was waiting for us. And we will tell you why: when in the premises of the house, where the sources were being made, one had assembled 15% of the device, at night in the house the object appeared, which emerged from nowhere and hovered above the windowsill. The witness, who was Boris Kiselyov, literally lost his tongue. As he says himself, there was the feeling as if a multi ton flagstone had fallen on him – he could move with neither his arms, nor his legs. He was very frightened. With a slam-bang effort he tried to touch the switch, but when the light was turned on, the object disappeared. The next night the object appeared again. It looked like a silver vertically standing metal rod of 30 cm in height which had in the upper part three short antennas diverging into different sides. But this time it was surrounded by a shining cocoon, which looked like a web from pentahedrons. And again Boris had a fear, but after this visit strange unpleasant states appeared in the brains. No, he was not ill but he had a feeling as if his brains were boiling. For the whole next day this feeling exhausted Boris very much and he started to complain of it. On the third night, as Boris says, in the room, in which he was going to fall asleep, a figure appeared which looked like a person. Someone came up to the sofa on which there was Boris and took Boris for his head. To be more exact his hands penetrated deeply somewhere into the brain after what all the unpleasant feelings in Boris’s head disappeared. The next day it was decided to disassembly the unit. At the house together with Boris his wife and two daughters live and he did not want them to experience something like it. But it became clear to us that the source is able to distort the space and time field, and this is the reason why the guests from the parallel world started to appear. This is not the only case of the unusual behavior of the energy source. Another case happened on September 16 2007 and also at night. The source was assembled in the wall. Approximately at 4 o’clock in the morning in complete darkness there appeared a green ray. It started to grow, and then on the wall there appeared the glow in the form of the spiral, also of green colour. In the room at this moment there was a man. Having seen it he jumped up from the sofa and came up to the window to see what was happening at the street at this moment. But it was empty and dark there. Then the eyewitness took a telephone (Nokia) and made a picture, which can be seen below. The size of the glowing spiral was about 3 metres in diameter.

In several days on September 25 at 21.40 a small energetic object flew out from the same "energy source"  and started to rush about the room. The same eyewitness took the same telephone and recorded the object to the telephone video camera. Here is the reference to this file. The quality of the record corresponds to the class of the telephone. Having flown about the room for several seconds, the glowing ball flew to the crystal, situated in the wall, touched its top and entered it.

But the most interesting thing started further. The eyewitness, who watched everything described above, was a young man, who fulfilled the works connected with the flat refurbishment and temporarily spent the night in that room. Being a person far from esotery, he did not have the slightest idea about the ancient Egypt. But it was him who spending the night in the room near the source started to complain of bad sleeping. When he was asked about the reasons, he answered that every night when he went to sleep on the sofa near the source, he was twirled into the spiral and he went along the spiral into the wall. There he found himself in another world, where he saw a desert, pyramids and priest wearing white clothes. They met him and started to talk to him. When he was asked about the language of communication, he answered that they spoke neither Russian, nor Turkmen, nor Uzbek as he knew these languages. They spoke into the head so, that the words sounded inside the head, and the sense of the incomprehensible speech became understandable. The fact itself opens slightly the mystery how or by means of what the priests got an opportunity to communicate through the pyramids with the representatives of other worlds and spaces. But let us return to our pyramid.

By the beginning of August 2009 all the elements of the energy system for the first level of the pyramid had been prepared and delivered to the pyramid. Special boxes had been made. Inside them the devices will be assembled.

Inside the boxes have mirrored surfaces.

After we took the boxes into the pyramid the mirrors were wiped from the dust.

Then the box was put into the cave in the centre of each resonator chamber.

Further we started the installation of the elements of the energy source. The important thing is that in its nature it is something like a perpetual motion – the continuously operating machine. Despite the fact that it is physically connected to nothing after the assembly it starts to actively and powerfully shed energy currents. These are expressive vibrations. Amazing states appear during the presence in the field: arms grow numb, the whole body becomes heavy and one has a feeling of the energetic overfilling, and then a striking vitality appears. From nowhere the strength and the feeling of delight appear.

All the elements are installed into the system the carrier frequency of which is adjusted strictly to the own frequency of the Earth planet in the low-frequency range.

After the installation each box is thoroughly and hermetically closed for the dust not to penetrate there later on. On the picture Boris Kiselyov closes one of the boxes with the sources.

After the installation each box was thoroughly aligned. On the picture there is Valery Uvarov at the moment of checking the quality of the installation.

Andrey Korman. One of the pyramid features which amazed Andrey is the pyramid acoustic properties. Even a barely heard sound made by voice in the definite place of the pyramid literally winds it up, and it starts to sound loudly with a prolonged period of attenuation.

Ilya Korman. After the source installation Ilya made a map of the zones with maximal and minimal energy saturation in the pyramid chambers. Inside the pyramid the field is not homogeneous, there are several focal zones vertically and horizontally.

After installing the energy sources of the first level, and this is only 30% of the planned, we waited a bit and Andrey Korman decided to make a row of measurements by the means of the GRV device (gas-discharge visualizer). Everybody took part in the experiment. After the source installation on the place 12 day cycles are necessary for them to integrate into the Earth’s energetic system at this part of the geoid surface. The sources as if pricked the membrane separating the worlds, making a connection to the energy source of the Universe and in 12 days and nights start to work at full power. Burt Andrey did not have these 12 days and nights and he decided to see what it will happen to the person’s energetic system in an hour after the device installation into the pyramid.

The aura to the left is the state of the energetic coat before the pyramid impact, intensified by the energy sources. To the right there is the aura after being in the pyramid. It is obvious that the aura density and size have increased.

Our particular attention was drawn to the upper part of the aura above the person’s head.

This pictures indicate the abrupt activization of the energetic channel going from 6 and 7 chakras up. The level of human parapsychological or sensitive abilities depends on the height of this energy beam.

This is the picture which fixed these energetic columns above the people’s heads.

These light formations photographed by accident are those very energetic currents (Ra), which “concentrating crowns” of the ancient Egyptian priests and pharaohs focused on the hypothalamus and hypophysis.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov