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ФАЗА 10Pyramid construction - phase 10ФАЗА 10ФАЗА 10ФАЗА 10

The next stage will be the erection of the quartz pyramidion. But before this the pyramid will be covered with the ceramic granite which is as white as milk. It will allow to get the surface even as glass and to more exactly adjust the pyramid to the energy currents of the definite frequency and wavelength.

At first one laid the ceramic granite planches around the whole pyramid along the marks, indicating the pyramid basement width. In a way, the ancient builders did the same thing. When marking the pyramid basement they made the line on the basement surface to orient on it when laying the blocks.
At this rare picture of the basement corner of the pyramid Snof-Ra in Dashur one can see the line well.
The ceramic granite planches are laid with the minimal gap, and then they are covered with polyethylene film to protect them from precipitation until the glue dries completely.
The planch laying was started from the pyramid south side.
The work is in full swing – by the weekend the whole south side will have been covered with the planches to the basement of the pyramidion.
At the same time they started the ceramic granite laying on the pyramid eastern side.
The most difficult operation is the edge joining and precise planch cutting along the pyramid edge.
The erection of the framing scaffolds on the western and northern pyramid sides.

On September 18 the southern pyramid side was completely covered with the ceramic granite to the level of the pyramidion.
On September 19 the framing scaffolds will be taken down and removed to the eastern side.
The rainproof film was taken off the surface. On the picture one can see well as the pyramid sides reflect the light of the day end.
Along with finishing the works on the south side there are the works being done on the ceramic granite laying on the western and northern pyramid sides.

On September 19 according to the plan the framing scaffolds were taken down from the pyramid southern side and removed to the eastern side.
The planches on the southern side have been laid to the level of the pyramidion the erection of which will take place after finishing the works on laying the ceramic granite on all four sides.
On the western side 7 rows of the planches have been laid.
On the northern side almost 5 rows of the planches have been laid.
On September 27 the eastern side was covered almost to the pyramidion.
The northern and western sides have risen even higher – the last step is left. By the end of the week all the pyramid sides will be covered with the ceramic granite and we will start the pyramidion erection.
On October 5 the pyramid building will be covered with the ceramic granite completely.
The preparations for the pyramidion erection have started. But even now one can note the dramatically increased pyramid field. The vibrations have become considerably stronger than even on the day of the autumnal equinox.
The field power increase is the evidence that the pyramid has been built in the right way and that it has pierced the current. Now this effect will gradually increase, the pyramid will gain power, joining the Earth’s energetic field.

On October 15 the upper area for the pyramidion was prepared after what the quartz pyramidion was erected itself.
After the pyramidion erection the framing scaffolds were taken down.

The pyramid outer contour is prepared. The next stage is the works on aligning the resonator chamber walls inside the pyramid.

We get used to see pyramids in Egyptian sands or among Mexican jungles. But seeing the one among snow of Russian north is quite specific esoteric experience.


When spring came we were happy to see pyramid made it through winter and there were no deformations due to sever frost. We had to wait till pyramid walls got warmer and dried out to start finishing the walls of pyramid inner chambers to make them more surfaced and smooth. We’ve been lost in ancient manuscripts for the whole winter to get the clear idea on some aspects of ancient pyramid architectures.  And finally we got lucky. It turned out ancients were covering the inner chambers walls with special material helping to accumulate the energy. To put it another way, the energy spreading at mental concentration accumulated in the pyramid reinforcing the energy of thought and its psi-component.

Quite recently we installed several elements of the system forming vertical Earth flow (PA flow). Even such tiny addition (only 7% of the planned) caused considerable increase of the pyramid field power and particularly of the ascending flow. That fact resulted instantly and especially in the general bioenergetics asymmetry correction process. We won’t expand on the mentioned here and just highlight the fact of the general bioenergetics asymmetry correction – the key and precondition for correct and harmonic expansion of human psi-abilities on one side. The other side - integral part of energetic mechanism providing single-moment synchronization of all 7 energy human shields with 7 energetic Earth shields.

That’s the most important phase allowing to avoid cancer risks due to energy growth and human energetic abilities. You can find more in the books “Pyramids” and “Wands of Horus”. It’s not the only pyramid characteristics. During its usage as a communication tool or as ancient manuscripts say “to hear the universe” the energetic device installed in the pyramid allow the human being inside to interfere with energy-informational flows going through the pyramid in 2 major manners, ie when:

1). Man is located in the Universe energetic flow center  - to receive information

2). Man is located in the Universe energetic flow chain  - to transfer information

Last year we started observations to evaluate the change of pyramid energetic flow quality and intensity during Earth major phase states. Those are 4 phases – 2 equinoxes and 2 solstices. Each year those days expect vast special energy outbreaks from the planet’s core and we had special intension to evaluate its strength, quality and date of occurrence to set the shift of phase beginnings and endings if there are any for comparison with commonly-known ones. Let alone the fact those energies not only especially affect personal abilities and character as the ancients believe but influence the whole civilization. That’s why it’s crucially important to know the exact date of the circle beginning and ending to interfere in time with the mentioned energies flow and become its carrier.

We managed to determine few unessential fluctuations from the rhythm and quite strange pyramid flow intensity vibrations. Besides we saw and experienced personally the presence of other energetic processes (flows) of cyclic character, those not mentioned in ancient manuscripts and modern empirics.   

18 June the Earth core and pyramid energetic field began to grow intensely. Depending on density and intensity it became obvious the mentioned year summer energetic outbreaks were much more stronger compared to last year. We also noticed each of the stages last 12 days and started 6 days before cycle peak.  This year the peak was on 21 June. The ending is 6 days after the peak day.

On 19 June we located bottles with water on different pyramid levels. Thus the beginning of interesting series of experiments began. We will expand on results later.

On 21 and 22 June during summer solstice we carried on our analysis on pyramid flow quality and its influence on human organism. Due to periodical change of the pyramid flow intensity the results we obtained during the experiments show which  period on top of the fore mentioned are followed by intense energy flow with unique peculiarity of each.  The results should help to make up energetic issues calendar in the life of the planet and space, those that are specially affecting human’s energetic system for his wider abilities expansion and correction of the dysfunctions in the human’s body.

Those who visited the pyramid during 18-29 June had experienced powerful field and specific influence. After additional energy source was installed inside of the pyramid the field intensity considerably increased that was expressed via specific perceptions  and unique experience. Each human who stepped into the pyramid was especially treated. Some found out energetic overflow with all long-terms problems disappear. Others have got answers for the questions and problems from years ago.  Some events happened in the pyramid those days were correlated with those described in the ancient manuscripts. We won’t expand on some really exciting events happened in the pyramid those days due to ethic reasons.  Anybody among those who witnessed it may tell us if they like. It’s really interesting to observe how the pyramid opens its secrets to us.


"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov