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Zora Novak

Dear Valery,
Do you have already contact with those who has money and interest to build pyramids in other countries?
How many people can benefit from pyramids in changing their level of awareness.. in next one year (before 2012?)
there are many people on the earth, there are just few new and old pyramids up to now..
and for mankind's energo-ecological environment how many pyramids are needed to make effect in the planet's energy structure ...?
I would be very happy to see this realization while I am still alive...  Just now i can only help to spread information trusting your words, (and I am doing it) although it is still not my experience.

Dear Zora, we have no contacts from those who would be interested to set up pyramids in other countries, but I’m sure that such people do exist. They also do not know that now there is very good chance to set up real pyramids based on verified knowledge and experience.

How many people can benefit? – whole humanity and our children first of all! I remember one very interesting and informative contact case, where Ets spoke about our civilization and children.

This interesting case happened with a woman that was not scared to jeopardize her own name. Her name is Suraiya Guynulina, microbiologist. She was 35 years old and she was working in the Institute of Biophysics in Pushino, U.S.S.R.. This close encounter happened on the 2nd of October, 1977. Here is just part of her story.

"I was never interested in fiction. I had no idea about extraterrestrials. I thought that UFOs were rubbish and was never interested in them at all.

On that day, 2nd of October, there was nothing special. That night, I was unable to sleep. I stood up and put on my warm robe, crossed the flat, and went out onto the balcony.

I looked down to the Oka River, thinking that I should return inside. Suddenly, over the river, appeared a disk and a ball that looked like Saturn. The color was the color of molten metal. The object stopped 900 - 1300 feet from the building. It was difficult to determine the height, but it was not high. It was spectacular. At first, it seemed to me, that the ball discharged objects that looked like `sticks'. They moved very gently to the buildings. There were fifteen or twenty of them. Then these `sticks' began to separate from one another, each moving to one building at a time, until they had gone to all of the different buildings there. One group moved to the red building that stands beside my building. Another went to the B block and another to the A block. Three of them moved to my building. When they came near, I saw that they were not `sticks', but people standing upright. The height of each `stick' was fluctuating. They were dressed in uniforms of the Soviet army. Their faces were young, unexpressive, and stark. One of them passed me, moving to the next balcony.

            I, being afraid that he would frighten my neighbors, and it would cause a scandal, motioned for him to come to my balcony. He immediately turned to me and noiselessly stood right beside me. He was about 19 years old. His height was not the same size as when he was a `stick' (approx. 9 feet), but was approximately 5'2", in a soldiers uniform.

            I am silent. He says, smiling, in Russian:

            "Do you understand who I am?"

            "Yes, but why are you in a soldier's uniform?"

            "I would like to speak with you - is it possible?"

            I invited him into my flat, but I stayed on the balcony. In the room near the balcony there were a few chairs, and a bed on the other side of the room. We sat together and I said, "Do you understand Russian clearly?"

            "I am tuning in on you. I speak the language of the person I am talking with."

            "But you were not going to visit me."

            "No, I was coming to you, but people are usually scared, that's why I was waiting for the normal reaction from you."

            "But why don't you visit during the day? People would let you in with pleasure, and converse with you."…..   

"Why don't you want to communicate with us?"

            He answered that they have studied our planet very well and that it is difficult for us to understand their interest.


            Then he said that humanity developed in the wrong direction and went into a dead end. Our thinking processes are very laden with BIG inertia, this property is inherent in ALL peoples.

            Then in me, my defense of humanity tried to explain to him that people are not so bad, and that we realize our imperfections. He answered shortly and straight - "NO, YOU DO NOT REALIZE. YOU HAVE A LOT OF DARK, ANIMAL ORIGIN. YOU YOURSELF MUST GET OUT OF YOUR EXCREMENTS."

            Then he said that such a place of entanglements they have not yet seen in the Universe. Then he added that if science will want to, can understand and learn a lot in the system of intercosmic communications, but at the present time, since we are so aggressive, it is impossible.

            Then I tried to redirect the conversation and asked him about the truthfulness of our theory of the pulsating universe. He answered, "No, this mistake is bound up to your unbelievable way of thinking."

            I asked where he came from?

"Do you know astronomy?" he asked.

            I answered, "Only as much as a microbiologist."

            He smiled and said, "Later you will come across the facts that microbiologists will deny our existence, just because there are no such type of beings in microbiology. OTHER SCIENTISTS WILL DENY OUR EXISTENCE TOO, but there is a way of knowledge. Education cannot be by the sciences, WHETHER IT EXISTS OR NOT.

            As for us, we are from such a `far away' place that it is impossible to explain by your terms. Later he said that the Earth is a very comfortable point for communication, and it seemed to me that we are, for them, an inessential phenomenon on the planet. I was offended and he felt it.

            "We'll be here not long" said he, "We are gathering information."

            He was struck by the national divisions we have on our planet. He pointed out that we have a big difference between our peoples. They do not. They have a big difference only between children and adults. He was longing to know more about us, but about themselves, answered only when I asked. He gave very short answers, sometimes deviating, saying that we would not understand. He couldn't understand what Earthly love is. He understood what is family, they have no families. There is Love and children. There are no states. He said that the state system, like a primitive system, is wildness. He didn't consider the act of procreation of a new organism as love. This is a deed. Their understanding of Love is quite different. "LOVE IS AN EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE. ONLY THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE, SPREAD THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE TO HELP THOSE AROUND THEM SO THAT THEY WILL NOT LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF DARKNESS AND EVIL."

            Information is emitting in ecstasy, that man does not know. This is a mystery which they are keeping in each other. Then he said that he is pleased to feel that I love my planet and defend those on it. Then I asked, "What do you look like to each other?"

            He answered, "We can take any form that we need."

            "What about the children?", I asked.

            "They look like the information which they receive".

            "Have you death?"

            "We just finish one step and transform to the next. Life is endless. Death is a speculation of the beastial mind."

            "Have you hatred?"

            "I can not understand what this is. I also can not understand your Earthly Love. Here I feel that you are speaking about it not like it is. Somebody just taught you to understand it like this. This is also speculation. People are living in illusion. You are a kind and good person, but are still imperfect. Many contradictions.

            I asked him, "What do the UFO pilots do here and in other places?"

            He said, they do the same. They know about me, I know about them. In this case I was lucky.

            " What about our future?" I asked at the end of our conversation.

            "Your planet will not die." He answered evasively. It was understandable what he meant. I felt that he treated people on this planet this way: It is not important if we die or not.

            "You have a TERRIBLE way of cognition, which you dictate to your children."


Here is the point Zora ! We have a TERRIBLE way of cognition, which we dictate to our children!!!

Our future is misty and depends on the way we will choose and go… Our planet will not die… but what about humanity?

We have very last chance! Weather we will use it or not depend on us. Now we are trying to jump into the last train…

This is why the possibility to use pyramids as a tool for cognition would be very good chance for our civilization! More over – this way was given and advised to us by Neferu (KABALAON principal) thousands of years ago – we have very last chance to correct all those deviations from norm we have succeeded to collect during the period of ignorance and darkness we plunge in when lost the knowledge of true origin of humanity…

Now we all have good chance to change ourselves and this planet for better – if we really want it…. It is our last chance. All could be done may be done only by ourselves. ET’s will not help: we are, for them, an inessential phenomenon on the planet. WE OURSELF MUST GET OUT OF OUR EXCREMENTS…

On my way of cognition I think about our children to give them very good instruments and pure knowledge what and how to do to get our beautiful blue planet and civilization out of our excrements…

For this we need as much pyramid as possible in many countries… This project is not expensive – much cheaper, then military and other stupid and useless expanses in comparison with problems we are going to solve !

Project 12 is one of the examples how and what for the pyramids can be used to purify our mental and ecological environment.

fold faq

Wow thank you so much for your detailed replies Valery! I need to do some research from the websites you linked now. I have such a strong urge to visit the pyramid! What is your main intention/plan for the purpose of this pyramid in the future?

I plan to do the same what hierophants did thousands of years ago and even more.

Actually, I will need book-like volume to describe our plans. First of all, we will use the pyramid for the same purposes I have described in The Pyramid book and for scientific research (botanic, medicine, water and physics).

We already are using this pyramid to look into the future and we will continue especially before 2012. Actually before 2013-2014 ! The pick will be between these two years.

Surviving papyruses inform us that the priests performed particular calculations in order to predict the future. Those calculations were based on the determination of cyclical processes that have a negative effect on everything animate and inanimate found on our planet. Precise calculation could indicate not only the most likely period for possible natural cataclysms connected with processes taking place in the cosmos, but also determine favourable or unfavourable periods for the taking of state or political decisions of one kind or another. I’m talking about the “four-year cycles”…

Now let us examine what he meant, taking as an example the history of Russia over the past century:

1901, add on four years gives 1905, and continuing 1909, 1913, 1917, 1921, 1925, 1929, 1933, 1937, 1941, 1945, 1949, 1953, 1957, 1961, 1965, 1969, 1973, 1977, 1981, 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009…

Anyone with a knowledge of history will immediately notice that almost all the above dates are connected to very important milestones in the destiny of Russia. It should be stated at once that this scale applies not only to Russia. Therefore as we return to Nostradamus’s quatrains which speak of pairs of events sometimes considerably separated from each other in time we should understand that he refers to events marking the beginning or end of a four-year cycle, or rather a twelve- (4×3) or thirty-six-year ([4×3]×3) cycle. While in the four-year cycle dates may come up that do not correspond to any epoch-making events, the twelve- and thirty-six-year cycles are always marked by such events. And so, when examining the prophecies of Nostradamus, we should base our calculations on the latter cycles.

Today, knowing what has already taken place in the century drawing to a close, we can predict with a very high degree of probability the years which will be marked by the most significant events in the future:

2013, 2017, 2021, 2025 and so on..

All most dramatic events are developing approximately during one year from autumn of transitional year till autumn of the following one. So as you see we have a lot of work to foreseen possible future events to prepare ourselves. See details of The Wands of Horus book.

We do investigate the influence of the pyramid on human energy system to know more about hidden details. As we already understood those details are most important during self-perfection process of any individual. Only having and using this knowledge one can proceed through very small star gate to endless skies of inner reality of the World and human being. It is highly important for further development of Project 12.

During our research we came to understanding that The pyramid is:

а) a powerful cosmic antenna;

в) a model in stone of the energy structure of the human being and of the universe, using the latter’s energy mechanism;

с) a very powerful generator of cosmic energies operating on various planes

Pyramidal energy structures, whose positioning should be decided with reference to the energy qualities of the location, open up the following possibilities:

1...Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy, the organisation and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness.

2...Correction of the human energetic structure, making it possible to stimulate internal energetic, bio-physical and physiological processes, which in turn provide the opportunity to discover and activate the inner resources of the human psyche, increasing psychic potential.

3...A positive influence on the immune and nervous systems, leading to their improvement.62

4..An improvement of mankind’s energo-ecological environment, an increase and improvement of the energy state at the pyramid’s location and, as a consequence of the spread of pyramidal structures throughout the world, a reorganisation of the planet’s energy structure within the next 10–15 years.

Pyramidal Energy Structures may play a decisive role in the fate of the new generation, changing their level of awareness.

This is why we plan to build pyramids in other countries too if we will find those who will be interested in spiritual development of our planet.

fold faq

Are you saying that your pyramid creates an energy that is flowing through the dimensions and being received by others long ago and at the present time? I understand that a pyramid itself is a technology. It's wonderful that you might have nailed it

Wayne, the pyramid amplifies energy flow, transforming it into range (diapason) acceptable for human energy system. Concentrating and amplifying the energy flow, the pyramid like receiver and transmitter gives possibility to contact those in outer space or in parallel dimensions.  On 2008 we were lucky to contact those who spoke to Khufu, because the pyramid were designed and tuned to communicate exactly with those who gave the knowledge on how to design the pyramid for particular tasks.

Pyramid tuning is necessary. All depends on what do you want from the pyramid. The Khufu pyramid was tuned exactly on main bearing wave of human brain and onto planet Earth’s eigenfrequency in low range… This demands special sizes and parameters. So from this point of view I can say that Khufu pyramid was designed as main retransmitter of the Earth of the times after great flood took place 13663 years ago! See pyramids.iicufi.org/index.php

Gold capstone is not necessary – What is really and critically important is energy sources. These are devices generating very strong energy fields (flow), transforming time and space fields. All ancient pyramids had such devices, later on removed and hidden…

fold faq

Valery, can you share with us your personal experiences of the pyramid energy? I mean have you astral travelled when inside the pyramid? Have you met with ETs and other beings?

First of all I should say some words about astral travels.

A real "trap" for the unenlightened and self-assured is the informational-energetic interaction with the astral component of the global energy-information system. Thousands of years ago the priestly teaching was already warning about the "dark sides" of this plane of information and existence with which human beings are directly linked by their second energy bodies. The priests described the astral plane, or rather the astral world, as the dwelling-place of the forces of evil embodied in Seth. In the ancient spiritual and mystico-religious tradition Seth, who brought much harm to humanity, was the "deity" to whom the ancients attribute the fall of Egypt.

In the KABALAON system Seth figures as the personification of the second "astral" component in the energy system of the human being and the Universe. See www.wands.ru/wandsofhorus/txt/apdx_21e.html for more on this subject.

What we do in our pyramid has nothing to do with astral travels at all. It is different mechanism.

On 19th of January 2008 we made interesting experiment in Cheops pyramid and later made interesting TV program about it on Russian REN TV  Channel.

Right after 16 PM when people left the pyramid we switched our equipment on. We planned to switch on the pyramid and we did it using earlier prepared sounds. For this we had special acoustic system installed in the king’s camera. In 34 minutes inside of our heads we heard the voice, saying: “we have heard you. In spite of the fact that the pyramid is destroyed we have recognized its voice as if you would recognize the voice of Stradivari violin with broken deck… All you did was done right. For the last few thousand years you have managed to switch pyramid on. You did it well” and at this moment we saw as a beam of light as column rising up from the top of the pyramid and then the light coming down to the pyramid and that was the beginning of contact. Then the voice continued: “Do not wait that this contact will happen again. No.”  And at this moment I clearly understood that we were hearing someone, who spoke to Chufu thousands of years ago! I felt strange vibrations and deep excitement. Then the voice said: “It is good that you have recorded the voice of the pyramid. Take this record back to your pyramid and switch your pyramid with this sound. Then the energy of Cheops pyramid will be transferred to your new one. Do it 4 times a year.” Then conversation was over…

As you see that has nothing to do with astral travel – that was direct contact!

Later on some people have seen few UFOs hovering over our new pyramid and then two contact cases happened with lady living 50 m away from the pyramid. It is not important how many contact cases we had in our pyramid. Really interesting is how the pyramid is working, I mean its real mechanism.