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Проект "Новая Атлантида"Project "New Atlantis"Проект "Новая Атлантида"Проект "Новая Атлантида"Projekt "Neues Atlantis"

The planetary clock is moving inexorably closer to the year 2012. Prophecies about “the End of the World” and the inevitable destruction of the greater part of the human race have become the most discussed topic on our TV screens and in the media generally.

In the scenarios most often suggested the Earth’s future is presented as a succession of planetary-scale catastrophes, in the face of which a considerable portion of humanity helplessly awaits “the End”. But the “End of the World” is not coming and the vast majority of the Earth’s population will not perish, although serious trials and tribulations do lie ahead for humanity. Coming events will unfold in close connection with processes taking place on the Sun  which will really begin in late December 2012, when solar activity reaches its peak. Between 16 and 28 December (the phase of the winter solstice) the planet’s core will begin to radiate a flow of energies that, overlying the solar radiation, will stimulate the activity of processes in the Earth’s bio- and geospheres. Super-powerful coronal discharges will bring our planet magnetic storms of unprecedented force that will cause climatic and shorter-term weather anomalies, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, diseases and local conflicts.


The map shows in general outline the zones of high and relatively high instability on the Earth’s surface that will last several decades from 2013. Although the coming events hold nothing good in store for humanity, the future of civilization is not as hopeless as the ancient prophecies foretell. The Earth’s human  population is capable of influencing the future in a practical way, moderating the gravity of coming events and moving from passive expectation to positive action.

The technology for exerting such an influence was known and used effectively in the very remote past. It is interesting and useful to us, because it is capable of reducing the impact and consequences of the approaching cataclysms. To employ this technology we will need to undertake a series of practical steps to create a means (tool) of influence.

To understand the mechanism by which future events might be influenced, let us begin with the premise that unprecedentedly powerful solar and magnetic storms will cause a sharp surge in the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field and increased tension in the planet’s energy system (the conductivity of its energy channels). The Earth is a living cosmic organism that reacts with great sensitivity to external factors. At the end of the first decade of the new millennium that organism is profoundly “ill” due to humanity’s immoral industrial and economic activity. When the Earth as an organism initiates self-healing and self-cleansing processes, the planet is subject to earthquakes and anomalous weather conditions that are a part of the functioning of its immune system. This condition will be compounded by influences from outer space. Now let us turn our attention to the wisdom of the ancients, drawing certain parallels. This will help us to understand the logic of that wisdom and to see the way to solve our problem…


When human beings fall seriously ill, their body temperature rises and their general condition worsens. The organism is in a state of stress. Zones of excess energy appear in the energy system. Any external influence causes unhealthy reactions, shaking of the body, pains and even convulsions… When exposed to negative factors (such as solar and magnetic storms), the heightened tension in the Earth’s magnetic field causes corresponding immune reactions: a worsening of the physical condition and even agony. In such cases people in the East have traditionally resorted to a method of combating the illness by inserting needles into specific acupuncture points on the human body that act something like lightning conductors, discharging the excess energy in a particular area, after which the illness goes into recession and the organism calms down.


The ancient wisdom tells us that human beings and the Earth are constructed similarly. The human being has a physical body and so does the Earth. A person has 7 energy bodies and a system of energy channels and the Earth has the same arrangement. It also has acupuncture points on its surface – the “places of power” that are associated with geological faults (channels carrying energy). But in the case of the Earth, the “needles” that should be used are pyramids, the energy flow from which penetrates deep into the Earth’s energy system and is capable of influencing its structure, alleviating tension and local excess build-ups. This idea was one of the main reasons established in deep antiquity that led to the creation of pyramid complexes in a belt around the Earth from East to West. Many of those pyramids have not survived.


Subsequent generations of pyramids were also constructed at particular sites in order to influence the planet’s energy system, to alleviate tensions arising in the crust and thus reducing potential natural and social cataclysms to a minimum. Note that all the pyramid and temple complexes that have come down to us today are located in the zone of maximum energy and seismic tension – the belt of high instability. These enduring monuments to ancient wisdom precisely demonstrate and indicate what we need to do to diminish future cataclysms and their consequences. In some rare instances it may even be possible to avert disastrous phenomena altogether.


Functioning as both and energy lens and a resonator, the pyramid acts like a funnel, gathering and amplifying cosmic energies in a particular wave range. As a result a column (flow) of energy forms along its vertical axis. Radar installations operating in the centimetre range that are located 60, 32 and 30 kilometres from the 22-metre pyramid constructed in the village of Khitino near Ostashkovo in Russia were used to scan the area around the pyramid. These studies revealed the presence of an energy formation  -- a column up to 1,200 metres high and 500m in diameter centred on the vertical axis of the pyramid.


On rare occasions this energy column can be seen with the naked eye. This photograph clearly shows the ray of energy above the Khitino pyramid in Russia. Although this shot was taken at night, the film recorded a glow running upwards from the pyramid.


The pyramid's energy flow is directed both up and down. The upward flow pulsates and can reach a height of 1,200 metres. The same kind of flow runs downwards from the pyramid.  It is like an acupuncture needle penetrating the Earth’s crust and influencing the energy processes that take place there.


Therefore to influence the energy processes in the Earth’s crust and energy system we need to begin building pyramids in particular places to  alleviate future disasters in the areas where they will be most severe in the coming years. There are places on Earth from which energy channels extend even as far as neighbouring countries. The best thing would be to use places of power that have regional significance, because the installation of a pyramid in northern Italy or southern Germany, for example, would diminish future catastrophes not only in those countries, but also in their European neighbours. In brief: the means by which we can exert an influence over the coming catastrophes is complexes of special pyramids that should be constructed according to a particular pattern.


This will of course involve considerable financial outlay. In order for the construction of such installations to be economically viable, even profitable, the pyramids should be surrounded by hotel complexes where anyone who wants can come and stay with the family, in a group or as an individual. The New Atlantis project could become a turning point in the history of Earthly civilization. It will inspire great following across a whole range of fields: medicine, philosophy, art, business, sport, spiritual improvement… and bring it millions of tourists, making it a new centre of pilgrimage on the world map.


Today the world has nothing like the proposed hotel complexes. But bearing in mind humanity’s tremendous interest in pyramids and the influence that they have on people and the environment, we can confidently predict that this kind of complex will be fully occupied all year round!


Pyramids are able like nothing else to exert a positive influence on human health and the human immune system, to stimulate spiritual growth and to transform the world around them. Years of research into the ancient texts and scientific experiments to study the effect of the pyramid field on animate and inanimate objects have made possible a number of highly important conclusions.


The pyramid is:

- a powerful cosmic antenna;

- a model in stone of the energy structure of the human being and of the universe, using the

 latter’s energy mechanism;

- a very powerful generator of cosmic energies operating on various planes.

Pyramidal energy structures, whose positioning should be decided with reference to the energy qualities of the location, open up the following possibilities:

1... Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy, the organisation and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness.

2... Tapping into natural flows of cosmic energy, the organisation and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness. In the immediate area of the pyramid harmonization will take place, a retardation of internal biological time and, as a result a slowing of the aging processes and the prolongation of life.

3... A positive influence on the immune and nervous systems, leading to their improvement.

4... An improvement of mankind’s energo-ecological environment, an increase and improvement of the energy state at the pyramid’s location.

5…as a consequence of the spread of pyramidal structures throughout the world, a reorganisation of the planet’s energy structure within the next 10–15 years.

Pyramids have many beneficial properties that will play a special role in humanity’s development, but the most important for us is that they are capable of reducing the coming problems of 2012 to a minimum, giving humanity a real chance of coming safely through the tough trials that are on their way and preserving the world for our children.