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Карты грядущих катаклизмовMap of cataclysmsКарты грядущих катаклизмовКарты грядущих катаклизмовKarte der Katastrophen

For reasons of cosmic origin the Earth as a cosmic organism is entering into an unusual state. The first noticeable changes connected with the transition to another state began a few years back with a smooth change in the climate. The next important stage in the transition began in autumn  2009 and will last until late autumn 2010 and, perhaps, into 2011. In this period the energy flows of the cosmos and the Earth’s core superimposing one on the other will actively stimulate the rate of processes taking place in the geo-, bio- and social spheres, revealing existing problems in all three. The following phase of stimulation will begin in autumn 2013 and continue until late autumn 2014 – this will be the start of a long period during which the Earth will undergo many natural disasters and catastrophic events of various kinds.

Depending on the year and the level of solar activity the breadth and configuration of the belts of high and relatively high instability will vary (expanding and contracting) around the boundaries shown on the map. In a year of high solar activity the belts will expand and the power of disasters increase. In a year when the Sun is calm, the boundaries will contract and the disasters will be less devastating. This variation will apply especially to the belt of high instability. In essence everything that will occur in the area of the belts of instability is typical for those regions anyway, but when the Sun is more active events will become extreme. Hurricanes, typhoons and floods will be worse than usual, earthquakes more powerful and destructive, droughts hotter and more prolonged. This will be compounded by volcanic eruptions. While Germany and Poland, for example, are not in the belt of active instability, in a year of high solar activity the belt will expand to embrace those areas, resulting in fires and floods in Germany, floods and epidemics in Poland. The first thing with which the change in the state of the planet began a few years ago was the warming of the climate. The most critical changes in this respect will take place in Greenland


From 2012 onwards Greenland’s ice will begin to melt seriously! Over the next two decades the ice sheet covering the island will thaw almost entirely. In the centre of the island a huge body of water will form. Some more time and the once single island will be seen to be two islands amid a vast expanse of water


The melting snows will reveal a mountain chain that once encircled the central part of Hyperborea. On one of the peaks in the north-west area of Greenland the world will see what remains of the legendary pyramid of Meru:an eroded hill and, surrounding that once sacred site. Megalithic structures and a road leading in a spiral up towards the pyramid of Meru. Yet although this place sacred in many spiritual traditions and religions will be accessible and people will be able to kneel and commune with this shrine that has been hidden from human sight for many millennia, humanity will be too concerned with its own survival to take an interest .


Meanwhile, in the United States California and Florida will be affected by extremely powerful hurricanes, typhoons and earthquakes. In Latin America, Chile and southern Argentina will experience unusually strong frosts in winter alternating with abnormal heat in the summer.

Earthquakes will occur in the basins of the Caribbean, the Pacific and Indian Oceans. As a rule the epicentres will be out at sea so the tremors and quakes will cause tsunamis and destruction in the adjoining regions. The earthquake that took place on Haiti in early 2010, with a magnitude of 7.0 and 5.9 respectively, causing destruction on an immense scale, was the start of a long succession of earthquakes and tremors that will afflict that region in the near future.


To exert a relaxing influence on the state of the planet’s energy channels and to relieve energy tension in future disaster areas in the USA, which will make it possible to some extent soften their impact, we should build pyramid complexes at certain sites (“acupuncture points”) in North America. These sites are in the states of Florida, Colorado and California. Pyramids constructed on those spots will have a positive effect on the energy condition of the surrounding space as well as the health and psycho-emotional state of the inhabitants of the states that come within the influence of the pyramid complexes.


While America will be shaken and flooded, in north Africa drought will ruin the crops and then the desert will begin to advance in Egypt and other regions of the continent. The Sahara will begin to expand significantly. On the other side of the Mediterranean Spain will be ravaged by fires and choked with smoke. Fires will rage in Italy, Germany, Romania and Greece, in the former Yugoslavia and in parts of Russia. Turkey will suffer both fires and earth tremors.


At the same time the melting of the Greenland ice-cap will lead to a number of regions of Europe – Britain, the countries of the Baltic basin, the Kola peninsula and the north of the Eurasian plateau – as well as coastal regions in China and many other countries suffering from inundation and floods, erosion and degeneration into marshland. 


For reasons totally disconnected with nature, immediately after American troops will leave Iraq the country will be riven by terrible earthquakes that will also affect its neighbours – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and others. Quakes with epicentres in the Indian Ocean will cause tsunamis, floods and destruction in countries around the whole region. The overall effect of seismic upheavals on the Middle East, northern India and Nepal on the one hand, and the shores of Indonesia and Malaysia on the other will have an extremely negative influence on the Earth’s surface in the area of Bangladesh. Gradually the waters of the Indian Ocean will begin to swallow that country. Its relief and shape on the map will slowly change. Thailand too will be heavily affected.

If in the next 2-4 years we manage to build pyramid complexes in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, then Bangladesh might be saved. Instead of complete inundation, there will be localized flooding and on the whole the core territories of the country will remain above water.

Of course, what has just been said, is far from a complete list of the events to come and their characteristic features. It makes no sense to go over everything that will happen, region by region and period by period. The main thing is to grasp the idea and aim of the worldwide New Atlantis project and to set about implementing it without waiting for the onset of irreversible processes, when it will no longer be possible to do anything to counter the raging elements, Events and disasters lie ahead, some of which will be extremely grave and highly destructive. It is important to grasp what we will have to go through, what we will be left with as a result and what we shall leave to our children and to posterity. In 5 or 6 generations our planet will undergo cataclysms immeasurably more terrible and destructive than those that we expect in the next 10–15 years. In roughly 100-125 years time the Earth and entire Solar System, moving through the plane of the galaxy, will catch the edge of a meteorite stream. This encounter will cause large meteorites to fall onto the Earth and other planets of the Solar System, including even a succession of asteroids knocked from their belt. There is no sense in describing what the consequences of this might be. For the Earth and for civilization it will be a real global-scale catastrophe. For the last few thousand years the Earth has been under a certain “protection”. The regular threats of strikes by meteorites carrying bacteria deadly to the planet’s fragile ecosystem have been countered by an anti-meteorite, anti-asteroid defence complex that deflects or destroys uninvited guests from space. You can learn more about the existence and activities of this complex from material published by the magazine Nexus in 26 countries of the world. You will find the reference here. Very recently the functioning of the anti-meteorite, anti-asteroid defence complex above Japan was captured on film. An inner calm comes from the thought there is, thank God, someone who is concerned about us and we can relax. But the problem advancing upon us invisibly and inexorably is that in 40 or 50 years time serious changes will take place in the characteristics of cyclical cosmo-energetic processes that will inevitably have the following consequences:

  1. The power plant of the complex that you have seen functioning in the video will begin to run short of energy, which will lead to spontaneous untriggered releases of “terminators” and then the complex will stop working altogether. This is referring to the parts of the complex that are in our space and physically accessible. The installations of the complex are scattered across those parts of the Earth where the main elements of the complex, located in a parallel dimension, will not “puncture” the planet’s space-time membrane. When the complex breaks down we will be left on our own to face the deadly threat from space. Earthlings know nothing about this complex so they cannot supply it with energy or control it.
  2. Changes in cyclicality and the failure of the complex’s power plant mean that it will no longer be able to effectively distort the space-time membrane where the complex is located. The Earth and Solar System, moving through the galaxy at a speed of over 200 kilometres a second will find themselves in a zone whose energy has a negative influence on the permeability of interspatial membranes. Observers from a parallel dimension will no longer be able to “puncture” the interspatial membrane as before and in this period “terminators” will not be able to penetrate into our dimension to deflect or destroy meteorites and asteroids. And so we will be left to our own devices! From 2013 onwards we will be persuaded of the truth of this by the evidence of our own experience. It is not a question of anyone seeking to prove something, but that by erecting pyramid complexes at certain acupuncture points on the planet, we are not only constructing a tool with which to influence immediate events. We are laying the fist stone in the construction of a system that in 300 years’ time will help our civilization to survive and come through the future cataclysms with minimal losses. A pyramid complex is not only a means of influencing the course of energy processes in the Earth’s crust and future disasters – it is also a centre

of cosmic communication that was used effectively by our distant ancestors. By establishing contact with more advanced civilizations in parallel realities of the Earth and beyond its limits, we will be able to learn much and to effectively use the knowledge gained to reactivate the anti-meteorite, anti-asteroid defence complex, to preserve the Earth and develop its inhabitants’ consciousness. It is highly likely that coming abnormal increase in solar activity will influence that orbital stability of the planets. In that case the planet Niberu, now on the Earth’s orbit on the other side of the Sun, will come into view. Then contact with the civilization that inhabits it will be inevitable. Earthlings will encounter their Neferim ancestors and discover the true history of the Solar System – Earth, Mars, Phaeton and what happened in the system 15,000 years ago. Contact with the more advanced civilization of Niberu will give a powerful impetus to the development of civilization on Earth, but the decisive factor will always remain the level of morality and awareness of our own civilization. It remains to hope that we will be worthy of this encounter. Meanwhile we need to prepare ourselves and an important stage on that path will be the construction of pyramid complexes in the Earth’s acupuncture zones. To learn about the properties of pyramids in more detail and about certain key events and facts in the  history of the Earth and the Solar System  read Valery Uvarov’s 2007 book The Pyramids.