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Схема размещения комплексов пирамид по проекту "Новая Атлантида"Pyramid complex location mapСхема размещения комплексов пирамид по проекту "Новая Атлантида"Схема размещения комплексов пирамид по проекту "Новая Атлантида"Pyramiden-Komplex-Positionskarte

The creation of a complex as part of the New Atlantis project calls for the construction on a previously chosen site of 9 pyramids in a particular layout. The complex is created as a single entity, with each element closely connected with the entire energy structure of the complex and an inseparable part of it. The architectural structure and energy system of the complex make it possible to produce a ray of energy (along the axis of the central pyramid) several kilometres high. Each installation will have two components: the energy complex (pyramids) and a hotel complex for short-term residency.

The creation of an effective tool to influence the course and consequences of coming disasters requires the construction of several pyramid complexes at particular sites around the globe. The number of complexes is not limited, but the minimum required to usefully influence the planet’s energy in a certain troubled area is three. In the USA this would be California, Colorado and Florida.

In Europe it is northern Italy, Germany and the Crimea (Ukraine). Additional complexes may be constructed in Spain and any other European country where there are appropriate geological conditions and a desire on the part of private enterprise or government to take part in a global project to protect the Earth and civilization and at the same time to set up an efficient business that has nothing in the world to compare with it.

The third region is Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar. The construction of pyramids in Japan and Australia would help to extend the influence of the global system since Japan will also be shaken.

A fully-fledged large scale pyramid has already been built not far from St Petersburg in Russia. It has a noticeable influence in the area around it. A hurricane that recently swept across St Petersburg and its environs brought down huge numbers of trees and caused considerable damage. Significantly – in the immediate vicinity of the pyramid outside the town of Priozersk not a single tree and not a single house was affected, although a few hundred metres away everything was swept down and smashed.