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Грядущие катаклизмы и имунная системаFuture cataclysms and immune systemГрядущие катаклизмы и имунная системаГрядущие катаклизмы и имунная системаZukünftige Katastrophen und das Immunsystem

It is important to stress that changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic field always have had and continue to have a negative effect on the health and immune systems of humans and animals. That's why people living in zones of high and relatively high instability will lose their immunity to individual viruses due to the changing intensity of the Earth’s electromagnetic field. That is to say, diseases that previously passed off relatively easily, might become problematic, even fatal, not to mention serious diseases.

The greater electromagnetic intensity creates favorable conditions for the development of viruses and bacteria that will mutate. Perhaps during following years mankind will encounter new forms of immune-deficiency syndrome in animals which will affect mammals and humans. To be more precise, some forms of the syndrome in mammals will affect humans as well.

The influence of the cosmic factors mentioned above will have a fairly deleterious effect on mankind. Beginning to resonate with the energy flows coming in from space the Earth's electromagnetic field with its growing intensity will begin to negatively influense humanity. This will lead to certain deviations being observed in the human psyche. By itself the flow of energy coming in from the cosmos produces no result. It is neither positively or negatively charged as far as the human being is concerned — it simply makes a person do something. It is a sort of activity stimulator. A person's basic qualities begin to come out, the deep-lying inclinations that are at the heart of his nature. How that expresses itself is decided by the person himself. As a rule mankind goes down the path of least resistance. A low level of consciousness, the lack of a due degree of spirituality plus aggressiveness leads to the problems that dog the human community — wars and aggression. Conflicts come to the boil, the world is afflicted by acts of terrorism, and so on.

The upsurge in solar activity that has already begun will have a negative effect on your health, and so you need to prepare for it now, by strengthening your immune system. The «Wands of Horus»  and pyramids will help us to do so.

Just a little longer and people will begin to grasp their true purpose and then pyramids and the Wands of Horus will become an inseparable part of our life.

One of the main reasons that caused the astronomer priests to maintain constant observation of the movement of heavenly bodies and the course of cyclical processes was an understanding that a human being’s energy state and, consequently, health depends entirely on planetary and cosmic factors. In learning more about the world and perfecting their psychic abilities, the priests were constantly to a certain degree dependent on their influence. Seeing the Human Being and the Universe as a single whole, the priests saw that a number of disorders occurring in the human organism were the consequence of particular processes taking place in the cosmos, especially in the Sun.

«...There are days when for a sick person the Sun is a source of death. On such days it turns from a life-giver into a bitter enemy, from which a person has nowhere to hide or run. The deadly influence of the Sun reaches a person everywhere, no matter where he is.». (A.P. Chizhevsky)

Three and a half millennia ago, the priests knew that there are negative aspects to the influence our Sun has on human beings.

For reasons of a cosmic nature, powerful magnetic storms occur periodically on the Sun. The appearance of a bright flare on the surface of the Sun is accompanied by the discharge into space of an immense quantity of charged particles .

Moving at tremendous speed, a day later the streams of charged particles reach the Earth’s magnetosphere and interacts with it, causing disturbances in it. Sometimes the magnetic storms are so strong that they have unpleasant consequences — from silent radios and telephones to satellites thrown out of orbit and fluctuations in power grids. Apart from this, the influence of the Moon and other planets in the solar system, that manifests itself in the tides, causes geomagnetic disturbances on the Earth and shifts in atmospheric pressure. All these factors have a negative influence on processes taking place within the human organism.

The main electrochemical parameter of the blood (its pH) is proportional to the ratio of positive electrical charges carried by positive hydrogen ions to negative electrical charges carried by negative hydroxyl (OH) ions. If there are as many positive charges as negative, then the blood as a whole is electrically neutral, as charges of opposite sign cancel each other out. A magnetic storm leads to changes in this ratio that inevitably result in the appearance of a number of serious functional disorders in the organism, such as atherosclerosis and vascular diseases.

Modern medical research has confirmed that solar and magnetic storms are one of the main causes for the appearance of cardio-vascular disturbances, circulatory diseases and disruptions in arterial pressure. These are the most widespread diseases and the death rate from them is highest, accounting for 30–50% of all fatal outcomes.

 The disruptions of the Earth’s electromagnetic field caused by solar and magnetic storms evoke changes in the composition of human blood and an increase in its viscosity. The latter takes place as a result of structural damage to the cell membranes, causing phospholipids to pass from the cells into the blood, which leads to clotting and the appearance of atherosclerotic damage. [22] At the same time the mechanism by which toxic substances of internal and external origin are rendered harmless is disrupted, which leads to further damage and the build-up of waste products in the organism.

With this background, the development of any sort of super capabilities by the priests of Ancient Egypt, and still more so by a modern human being, becomes impossible. The reason is that a person’s circulatory system is a projection of his or her energy system. Therefore our energy capabilities are directly dependent on the state of our vascular system.

As a result of more than twenty years of research, scientists came to the conclusion that the only means of fighting the negative influence of solar and magnetic storms on human health is the production of medical forecasts for unfavourable days. That means that:

1)  the day before an unfavourable day we should substantially reduce our calorie intake;

2)  taking blood-thinning medication (aspirin, sedatives) 24 hours before the start of the unfavourable days may spare an already sick person from serious complications.

In other words, modern medicine has no effective means of countering this phenomenon.

While the human organism is healthy and the immune system is capable of fighting against the effect of negative factors, using compensatory mechanisms of adaptation, there are no negative shifts in the organism. But if a healthy person is exposed often enough to magnetic storms and other pernicious factors, that creates the conditions for such shifts to occur.

Bearing in mind the inevitability of the influence of cosmic factors and their harmful effect for the stimulation of defensive-adaptive mechanisms and the correction of damage caused to the organism, the Ancient Egyptian priests created special tools.

In contrast to the modern method that calls for the use of medication to thin the blood which, ultimately, has an unfavourable influence on the functions of the immune system, the Ancient Egyptian priests used the «Wands of Horus» - two cylinders made of copper and zinc filled with quartz or with carbon and ferromagnetic material.

As soon as we pick up the copper and zinc cylinders a potential difference of 0.8 to 1 volt, sometimes more, arises between them. The appearance of a potential difference between the Wands of Horus evokes a natural process of balancing (harmonising) the ratio of charged particles which improves the fluidity of the blood and has a restorative effect on the circulatory system. This is one of the main reasons why the priests used the Wands of Horus constantly.

It should be stressed that daily work with the Wands of Horus improves the body’s assimilation of calcium. Calcium performs a large number of functions: it is a chemical buffer, constantly maintaining the pH level. Calcium ions increase the contracting capacity of the heart muscle, provide for the normal penetrability of cell membranes, reduce heightened sensitivity to allergens, are involved in the process of blood clotting, acting as a styptic agent, convey stimulation to muscle fibre, inducing contraction, influence mineral exchange and many other processes in the human organism.

As they embody certain principles, the Wands of Horus attune themselves to the holder, restoring that biorhythm which the organism requires at a particular time of day or night, correcting damage that is occurring or has already occurred. The restoration of the rhythm is brought about through weak electromagnetic oscillations that are created by the crystals of quartz inside each of the cylinders.

In the process of work, the Wands of Horus stimulate a person’s nervous, endocrinal and, consequently, immune system, creating the preconditions for improvement. Systematic use of the Wands of Horus leads to an activation of a person’s energy system and that enabled the priest or pharaoh to develop the inner potential of his psychic and energy capabilities.

In the course of studying the ancient technologies it emerged that the metals and fillings from which the Wands of Horus are made interact with a person’s bio-field to generate a field that activates the organism’s defensive functions.

The results of American studies show that the use of field activation reduces the post-operative recovery period by 50–60%. When coupled with the simultaneous use of weak currents, the useful effect of medications is increased by 100–200%. Therefore the use of the Wands of Horus can be recommended for those undergoing an ordinary course of medication therapy.

The weak energy field generated by the Wands of Horus increases the energy of cells;

·    The capacity of cells to take in energy increases by 35–40%

·    Protein production increases by 70–75%

·    Calcium assimilation is improved

·    Connective tissues are strengthened

·    The healing of bone fractures is accelerated (especially important for the elderly)

·    Weak currents improve blood supply to the tissues

The activity of L-lymphocytes, necessary for the normal self-renewal of tissues and the preservation of high cell-growth potential, is increased by 70%.