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ФАЗА 11Pyramid construction - phase 11ФАЗА 11ФАЗА 11ФАЗА 11

We kept silent due to very specific work we carried in the pyramid. As we mentioned earlier we installed additional energy source elements in the pyramid that logically caused increase of the pyramid energetic flow. It finally became powerfully enough for the pyramid to express itself as the instrument able to interfere with time fields and information at deeper level. Nowadays having years of experience of pyramid building and knowledge acquired during years of research and text analysis we could state with certainty the human race has just begin to realize its amazing instrument.

We can state with all our firmness the idea existing in modern scientist and reader minds on the principles of  building the pyramids and what exactly needs to be done for the pyramid to open its secrets is of great difference and can’t bring any expected results. To build pyramid body equals the spaceship body building. It won’t fly at all.  You need the stuffing – electronics, engines, navigation systems, knowledge of space circles, knowledge of magnet, energetic and gravitation fields laws. Only when all of those factors are taken into the consideration the spacecraft would fly up in space and the human would have a chance to visit other worlds with no risk to his life. The pyramid issue is even more complicated. The whole long period since 2006 to 2011 we moved step by step towards pyramid learning, what and how needs to be done to make it open and started working so its major informational and energetic flows became understood by human’s energy system with no risk. The is where new physics start and mainly new mechanisms operate - those practically unknown by the human race.  This is brand new and far more interesting world for us with just unbelievable horizons.  The whole 5 year period of the pyramid constriction and its influence research we write new Basics page by page – the body of major principles forming the existing world order, the knowledge and usage of those would allow us to build pyramid correctly realizing why Hufu pyramid (Cheops) has the specific geometry greatly differs from broken lines of Snof-Ra.

Walked over the long way from idea forming, its realization in construction and drawings, and further through complicated stages of practical part of the pyramid building we found out the built pyramid disadvantages. On June, 1st 2011 in Altai region of Russia we launched 9 pyramid complex construction integrated with research labs, hotel, spa, health and recreation resort and living area known as New Atlántis project. The major complex idea is to protect the human and Siberia territory along with some other areas of Russia from negative energies influence that would demonstrate themselves in nearest years as the Earth along with the whole Solar system would move through galaxy areas with specific energy qualities.

One of our site sections contain information relating to 2012 and what could be expected by the human race in the nearest future. The pyramid is the possibility for us to see the perspectives of our civilization, moreover the events we are interested in have already happened (in time and space). During the process of evaluating our perspectives we found the human race and the whole civilization have a choice – to monitor what is going to happen or alternatively to use the opportunity to affect somehow the way of the future. Either we would simply wait or we would use our definitive efforts to create instrument helps us to affect the future if we consider ourselves as creators and not as lambs awaiting in the wings.

More on instrument of influence could be found in "New Atlantis Project” section"

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov