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Valery Mikhailovich Uvarov, St. Petersburg, Russia

RE: Wands of Horus

Dear Valery:

I am an electronics specialist, medical science researcher on the use of clinical hypnosis in healing protocols and community health educator in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and I saw your letter to Jeff Rense this week regarding your downloadable text file on "The Wands of Horus" at your web site.

Upon reviewing your scientific and spiritual insights, I am convinced that you have recovered exactly what you claim, an ancient "power tool" of cosmic consciousness that links God and man back together again through the specific geometric relationships of the materials (quartz crystals) used in the construction of the pyramids at Giza. Interestingly, I have been working on this very same intuition myself for a few years now too and have come to the same relative conclusions, nearly "word-for-word" that your team has, in fact!

Indeed, I am now completing a ten year in the making book manuscript called Tranceformers: Science of Soul that will deal with the physics and metaphysics of consciousness as it manifests through the theta brainwave pattern, ideally correlating our collective unconscious with our collective conscious mind. Moreover, I see pyramids (and its chambers or valves) as a resonantly "tuned-tank" circuit like in a vacuum tube that when operational can balance the "mind-fields" of outer space with the "heart beat," Schumann Resonance Frequency metronome, of the Earth's inner space, through us.

At any rate, my interest goes beyond the technical and into the "heart of the matter" too, into the spiritual component. That is precisely why I am contacting you, I sensed in your work an ethical, moral obligation to deplore this life force energy technology in a loving and wise manner in your writings as well as the need you rightfully have to make this a viable commercial venture in the world marketplace. From my perspective, there is nothing wrong with wealth when it is shared in a cooperative, and not competitive, spirit of mutual respect for each other's well-being and mankind's long-term welfare.

My primary interest is, and will remain, that of a dynamic public speaker and health educator, I would simply love to travel the planet and bring this "Good News" to the people! Thus, I would strongly encourage you to contact me and let us discuss how we can bring this technology to our troubled and dis-eased world in a powerful and profitable way at the earliest opportunity. If you truly have confidence in your discovery and product, I have highly-ethical, "spiritual science" business contacts in Silicon Valley, California that can if they choose to do so help make our dreams a reality!

In closing, I would love to have you send me further written research papers, photos, or any other items, that you feel you would like to share with me at this time. All materials will be held strictly confidential until you grant me permission to release them. If applicable, please send me the cost invoice for such items sent plus your mailing address and I will promptly see that you are paid for them too.




 Dr. John Jay Harper


American Delphi Academy

2603 South Grand Boulevard

Spokane, Washington 99203


Дорогой Валерий,

Поверьте со мной такое случается крайне редко, когда я задерживаюсь в Интернете на целых два часа. Но ваш сайт приковал к себе мое внимание и вызвал глубочайший интерес.

Как человек с пожизненным интересом к мудрости древнеегипетской цивилизации и глубоко знакомый со многими авторами такими как Вест, Шволлер де Любиц и многими другими, я не могу припомнить другого сайта посвященного Древнему Египту, который был бы столь высоко информативен, умно написан, совершенно лишенного психологического бормотания и попыток спекулировать на тайнах.

Вы достойны самых сердечных поздравлений!

Хотя я необязательно согласен со всеми вашими философскими заключениями я приветствую вас и ваших коллег, приложивших немало сил к тому, чтобы обратить внимание этого в основной массе материалистического мира на нечто имеющее отношение к настоящей науке и мудрости, которая была наследием древнего Египта и его пророков.

Желаю вам и вашим коллегам Жизни с большой буквы, Здоровья и Сил!

Всего самого доброго 

Stephen Pollard



Mr. Uvarov,

Thank you for sharing the extensive research and insights you have discovered regarding the "Wands of Horus". This came at a very timely moment for my colleague and myself as we have been exploring the healing practices of the Ancient Egyptian teachings and had wondered what type of cylinder was in the hands of the pharaohs and the Neters. We had thought it to be a communication device and that it might be used in healing ritual by the priest and priestess of Sekhmet & Horus. The work that you have shared is very exciting, including the research studies regarding both the "Wands of Horus" and the pyramid. We are both nurses and are very involved in allowing the body to heal itself. In addition, we have been studying the Ancient Egyptian teachings, initiations and healing practices over the past 8 years. We are interested in the upcoming larger publication you mentioned in this book. Thank you once again for making this important and sacred work available on the internet!! AB TEK BA SA


Hi,  I am interested in your work. I am initiating the start of a UNIVERSAL SPIRITUAL INTENTIONAL RURAL COMMUNITY which will be incorporating QUALITY research from all professions and verifiably valid work in esoterica and the frontiers of knowledge. I have downloaded your book. I look forward to talking with you. Yours most sincerely in Love and
norm finkelstein.


Dear Valery Uvarov:   

Thank you so much for putting your book on the internet.  It is excellent, and I hope to be able to utilize the information as a healer.   

Have not read it all to date, but will as soon as possible.  I did want to say thanks now, though instead of waiting.  Once I am done, I probably will get back to you regarding any questions, etc.


Patricia Andrews

Idaho, USA


Hello Valery.

I discovered YOU on project camelot and found your analyses and ideas very pertinent. My brain is thirsty for more! SPACIBA BALSHOI for the link. Please add me on your mailing list for any new posting online or new books out. I have added you on my youtube fabourite for my friends to see. THANK YOU for your hard work and sharing out the information.
Kind regards, lucie

Hello , firstly i would like to say how impressed i am with your work and i think your doing a marvelous job . I just wished more people were going in the same direction. Ive just been looking at your site and the pyramid you have constructed . Very impressive !!!
Ive been drawn to the pyramids for a long time and since reading the books called ' the ra material ' (very interesting) , i realised how powerful they are and i have wanted to get inside a big working pyramid to help me on my path of evolving. Ive got myself some orgonite pyramids which are great and give off a subtle energy, but obviously nothing compared to a big properly designed one.
Is there any chance that me and my partner could visit the pyramid next year and spend some time inside? We are both on a spiritual path and are doing our best to raise our consciousness.
Anyway thanks for your time.


Dear Uvarov Valery

I read with interest your article on the Sightings web site.

I've spent years researching many subjects including Ancient Egypt.I know the information you write about is correct but I have another question.  Where did you obtain this information from, ie. from an archaeological site or through clairvoyant means?This information is not readily available nor is it known by many people so I am rather interested how you came by the information so that  you could conduct tests.  For me, this is not an unusual question - I have always like to know 'why' and 'wbere from' material comes my way.

I live in Sydney, Australia, am Yugoslav by birth, so I understand perhaps your reluctance to say much to a stranger, however, I assure you I am an individual and am genuinely interested as to the source of your information about this ancient knowledge.  Naturally I do not expect detailed information, but I am intrigued as to how you came to learn about this.

S postovanjem

Ljiljana Cizelj

Sydney, Australia



I AM GRATEFUL to you and those you work with for bring forth this information regarding the Wands of Horus.  I AM going to Egypt at the end of this year and I know I will be taking a tuning fork in the note of "A" with me.  I AM very interested in sound healing and use it often in my energy healing work along with essential oils.  It was also a pleasant surprise to see the mention of "the word" in your book.  I wrote something a couple of years ago that has been included in a year 2000 crop circle calendar produced by a woman in England named Francine Blake.  Lastly,  I AM very connected to the Eye of Horus, having used the right eye on the cover of a book of metaphysical poetry and sacred geometry I self-published in 1998. Life is wonder-full. 

Thanks again for all of your hard work and continued blessings to you.

Peace and love,
Sharon 444
*Sharon Pacione*


Hello Valery,

I think some of the years you listed as insignificant are in fact significant:

1949   First Soviet nuclear test
1957   Sputnik launched
1961   First human in space (well, maybe not :)

Thanks for making your "Wands of Horus" material freely available, it's a most impressive piece of research.

But, how and why did this power fall from those who had possessed it?

Once awakened as to your past lives you then can correct the past karma and evolve onto the next level. Or as hypothesized some cultures just transcended this world by increasing the vibratory rate of the soul and bingo they seem to transcend this low vibratory world...
Your work is refreshing. Please keep up the good work!!!!

You have a very interesting site there. I too think resonance is a fundamental relationship. In the unmanifest it defines the "distance' between things, right? But, now to my reason for writing. You state that water is a more efficient conductor of sound than air is. This is also true of any other substance that is denser than air. Pure water is also a poor conductor of electricity (it is solutes in water that are responsible for most of the conduction). I look forward to investigating what yiou have to say about the Golden section and other things. I heard you months ago on the radio but gave up on finding your website after weeks of trying.I'm glad it found me!

Roland Hanke


I was very happy to find your book online. You have opened my eyes to a world that I know nothing about. It goes along with my nature of metaphysical thinking. First, I want to say thank you for making this information available second, I want to ask you where does one obtain the authentic wands? Hope this little note finds you in good health and peace.

Carol A. Schofield


Прошу  Вас  сообщить мне,  когда выйдут в печать ваши  новые книги о пирамидах  и где их можно приобрести?   Я восхищаюсь вашей трактовкой  о применении  пирамид  древними цивилизациями в книге " Жезлы  Гора"!

С уважением  В.  Чиганов

Скачать книги Валерий Уварова: "Жезлы Гора" и "Пирамиды"


Доброго дня, всем

Почитал отзывы и в принципе на своем опыте (1,5 года) могу рассказать, что да как :)

1. Всех волнует цена, ну да дороговато. Но давайте рассмотрим ситуацию на примере Лады и Мерседеса, ну думаю дальше не стоит приводить аналогии, хотите Ладу с ее заморочками идите и покупайте то, что есть в интернете по дешевке.

2. Все пишут о законах всяких, а закон то один в любой деятельности - "Не навреди". Автор этого закона и придерживается.

3. Кто говорит о массовости, сразу скажу о том, что проверено временем. Здесь все индивидуально и каждый приходит к этому САМ. Если же все устроить по дешевке, то думаю, учитывая особенности российского менталитета и психологии, серьезный инструмент будет восприниматься, как китайская поделка:-) А ЗДЕСЬ СОВСЕМ ДРУГОЙ ПОДХОД ИНДИВИДУАЛЬНЫЙ.

Ну еще пару слов о том, что отзывов мало. Обычно как бывает: когда у человека все хорошо, он и рад этому. А когда все плохо, то он готов всех порвать :-) Малое количество отзывов показатель того, что если бы что то было не так, то отзывов была бы куча и еще маленькая повозка, а так как их немного, то и сам этот факт говорит за себя (ХОТЯ НАДО ПОМНИТЬ и не обращать внимание на тех, кто пишет не поработав с жезлами или попробовал, но это не оказалось пилюлей от всех напастей:-)

4. Ну и сам опыт:
- определитесь, что Вы хотите получить от жезлов, а потом проконсультируйтесь с автором (иначе будет выглядеть, как маленький ребенок схватил то, что не требуется и о последствиях будет винить автора) и выберете то, что нужно. Хотя в принципе наверное первый вопрос задать лучше такой: А надо ли мне это вообще? ведь у нас как прочитают увидят общий фон (это бывает, когда не вчитываешься в каждое слово и букву) и все думают вот куплю и все таблетка от всех моих проблем, вечером выпил, а утром все отлично :) ;
- следующий этап описывайте все то, что с вами происходит, хотя бы первые 3 месяца, и высылайте автору свои заметки (он подправит ваши действия);
- эффект особенно в первое время вы почувствуете сразу, особенно если у вас есть конкретная цель в работе с жезлами, потом обязательно будет затишье ;), вы переедете на следующую ступеньку и организм будет приходить в норму, а потом как наберетесь осознания на этом уровне, то потом будет толчок дальше ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО;
- писать здесь о своих достижениях будет глупо, ведь здесь не рекламная акция, все, что сами задумаете, то и будет :), только для этого потребуется: ТЕРПЕНИЕ, РАБОТА С САМИМ СОБОЙ (иногда ежеминутная) и ВОЗМОЖНОСТЬ БЫТЬ ГИБКИМ, ведь после работы с жезлами может получиться так, что надо будет полностью поменяться, ГИБКОСТЬ вот еще, что вам понадобится :) ;

Возможно даже автор будет, где то со мной не согласен:-) хотя это мой ОПЫТ, ведь еще много всего впереди.




Your latest information has prompted me to pass on some information about our findings, that I have not published to anyone so far.

When my son Nicholas (now 21 years old) started to use the wands the first thing he did was communicate with his higher spirit. On the first night he used the wands he asked the name of his guide and was told Ra. By using the wands over a period of a couple of months he became very proficient at their use and at traversing the spiritual planes. Nicholas always spoke to Ra as someone his equal and always had the feeling that all of his discussions were being viewed by a wider group. His conversations were as simple and clear as any conversation between two people and often filled with humour. He was trained to defend himself on the spiritual planes and did discover some interesting things.

He found that when asking about something his preconceived idea, if he had one, was completely wiped from his mind and the correct and complete concept provided in its place.

Nicholas had been fascinated by the constellation of Orion and I had explained its significance and the theories about the positioning of the pyramids of Giza. One night he asked Ra what was the significance of Orion's belt, the answer was simple "Where do you think you have been coming all of the time to talk to me?". This answer suddenly put many of the Egyptian belifes into perspective for me.

Over a period of about 6 weeks his abilities to see aura around everything was turned on. At first he saw a grey haze around people and over a couple of days this became a compete aura, he then found aura around all living things and could see all of the energy fields in the environment, finally he was able to see all of the elementals.

One night he asked where he got his abilities to use the wands. He was told that his father was the person entombed within the pyramid in a chamber 1/3 from the top. His fathers job was to balance the pyramid after which he ethereally dissolved, but before he did, he passed on his abilities to Nicholas who at the time was his incarnate son. I wondered about this for some time as I know that Nicholas is one from the highest planes and obviously has the complete set of powers. I have seen him read minds and even enter a persons mind (done with the wands and the persons permission, but he was told he should never do it again). So I wondered why he would have to have these abilities passed to him, I then realised that no matter how advanced the spirit, they still need instruction on how to control the human body in the material plane.

Nicholas moved away to enjoy is life whilst he is young around 12 months ago, but I know that he still traverses the spiritual planes.

Then there is my 7 year old daughter. One night I gave her the wands when she could not sleep, to my surprise she said she could float up to the moon. Since then, and for about 6 months now, she goes to sleep with a  set of wands. Some of the things she has done;

She has also spoken to Ra, but only after asking those she describes as the angels. I theorise than younger children don't have a single spirit guide, but a collective of spirits.

She has been into the library under the pyramid to look at the story of Noah's ark and the ark itself ( I think she is looking at a holographic image of it).

She has been to see the "Lady" in the moon and the "Man" in the sun. The man in the sun told her his name as Horus. She also asked Horus how to see fairies, gnomes and nymphs. I took advantage of what Nicholas had found in that a complete concept was put in his head, I knew that if she asked how to see gnomes then the complete concept would be placed in her head, and it worked.

She also found out how to use the master position (Standing, one foot forward) to step out of her body. One night I sent her off to ask how to do it, and the next day she could do it.

She also asked why it was she could do all of these things and was told that it was because other people in her family could do it.

So you are quite correct that those who entered into intercourse with the gods do have the ability to acquire vast knowledge, but there is a limit, which is they can only acquire the knowledge of what they have learnt to date in all incarnations. But in the case of the pharaohs and many of the priests they were from the highest of the spiritual planes and access to all knowledge. Their ability to communicate with the spiritual side was complete and as easy as to people talking. This gave them tremendous insight into how to rule and guide the people, to have transparency to all motives, and move freely about the material plan to view any part of it, in any time.

There is a difference between that time and now. Now the library under the Great Pyramid is open, whereas it has been sealed for 12,000 years since it was built. The opening of the library gives people access to all of their past learnt knowledge, which should lead to accelerated development of mankind. And the key to access of the library is use of the wands.

Nicholas was the first person to access the library with the wands around 18 months ago, my daughter was told she was the 12th about one month ago. So the message is getting out their slowly.

Nicholas was also told that the wands we are using are much weaker than those they used then, but the instructions to build the wands are in the library. As an aside we were using wands filled with imploded water, silver and gold plated and with CIR harmonsers taped to the end, these were so strong that when a person held them their aura stratified into seven colours, one for each charka, they made communication for Nicholas very clear, yet he was told the original wands were much stronger.

Thought you might find this interesting and it may align with some of your findings.


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