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Стимул третийThe Third StimulusСтимул третийСтимул третийСтимул третий

The Third Stimulus

One of the divine qualities that the Neferu possessed was their longevity, which in comparison with earthly lives seemed an eternity. They achieved this result by slowing down the ageing processes. Death cannot be abolished, but its arrival can be delayed so much that the organism will age over many hundreds, even thousands of years. To achieve that you have to conserve the flow of internal biological time, something the Neferu accomplished using energy sources and pyramids. Of course this is something that will interest the reader and such a simple-sounding solution to one of the burning issues of existence requires further explanation. We shall examine the nature of this effect later, when you read the section of synchronization and the results of scientific research into the effect of pyramid fields on the human organism. For the meantime, though, let us return to the Neferu.

While on Earth, the Neferu found themselves beyond the influence of the energy sources of their own planets and so they created within their bases conditions for the conservation of the flow of biological time. Rare fortunate earthlings got to visit these bases and later spoke of them as the place where a human being obtained “immortality”.

In the legends of the ancient Sumerians, such a place was called Tilmun – the “Land of Life”. There were several spots like it on Earth. One of them is described in the epic of Gilgamesh, who was “two-thirds god, one-third man” (of mixed parentage). This Sumerian legend about the search for immortality tells of Gilgamesh, the ruler of Uruk, who asked his “divine father” for permission to enter the “Land of Life”. The ancient scribes composed epic tales of this exceptional ruler, stating that “He knew that not far from the ‘Land of Mines’ lay the ‘Land of Life”, to which the gods moved mortals worthy of eternal youth. This was the dwelling of the forefathers whose bodies the gods had washed with Cleansing Water (energy)”.1

1. A number of expeditions established that next to the gigantic cirques (quarries) on the Kola peninsula is a lake – Seidiavr – that is unique in every respect.

Seidozero (Seidiavr) lies in the crater of an ancient volcano.
Seidiavr, Southern coast
Seidiavr, Ninchurt

On its shores, considerably beyond the Arctic Circle, wild grapevines grow. Here too you can find insects and plants whose habitat is far too the south. The water of the lake has truly amazing properties that the author of the present book has experienced personally on several occasions. After a series of expeditions, analysis of the water and experiments carried out on the lake, the certainty arose that the Seidiavr area was once the location of one of the Neferu bases – Tilmun, that same “Land of Life” with “cleansing water”! The energy flow in the crater of the ancient volcano still resembles the time-conserving energetics of the zone created here by the Neferu over 13,659 years ago. Even today this flow is capable of curing certain serious disorders of the human organism.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov