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ФАЗА 2Pyramid construction - second phaseИЗГРАДЊА ПИРАМИДЕ, ФАЗА 2ФАЗА 2ФАЗА 2
Everything started with the check of the basement for solidity. For this purpose large-tonnage lorries drove over the top of it. We then graveled a road on all sides for concrete mixers to be able to drive around the pyramid.

Boards and plywood were then delivered to make the concrete forms and to build the first level of the pyramid.
Setting the pole to define the pyramid height.
Setting the concrete form cages for the pyramid resonator chambers on the pyramid's first level.

The forms for the corridors between the pyramid resonator chambers were put in next.

The next stage we started to cover the concrete forms of the resonator chambers and the corridors between them.
The forms were then reinforced for the mass of the under poured concrete so as to not blow out the walls of the forms of the resonator chambers and passages between them.

The entrance to the pyramid will be situated on the northern side.
Here we have the impressive appearance of the covered concrete forms of the pyramid resonator chambers. Once the forms were covered, all the workers noted the fast growth of the tactual sensation: vibrations in the hands, along the body and the spine, their backaches stopped. At night, energetic objects started to appear above the pyramid. They were photographed by all the people living around the building area.

Then the pyramid forms were covered with a layer of diesel to protect them from atmosphere moisture, and afterward for the concrete mix to be detached more easily from the form.

The next step was to build the form for the inner (central) pyramid chamber.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov