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ФАЗА 3Pyramid construction - third phaseИЗГРАДЊА ПИРАМИДЕ, ФАЗА 3ФАЗА 3ФАЗА 3
After finishing the forms and their reinforcement by inner blocks, we started the work of laying in the reinforcement.
First, the reinforcement for the strengthening of the walls of the inner pyramid resonator chambers is put in place.

Next the steel reinforcement was placed before the erection of the external forms to the mark of 2.5 meters.

The external and internal forms will be contracted between themselves with long bolts. It will allow the forms to hold large mass of concrete

The strengthening with the reinforcement of the walls of the corridors connecting resonator chambers.

Here we see the erection of the external forms. At this stage there will be an under pouring to the mark of 2.5 meters. This is the most important phase because at this stage the cement will form almost half of the pyramid mass.

On 23rd July 2007 the external forms were erected to the mark of 2.5 metres.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov