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ФАЗА 4Pyramid construction - phase 4ИЗГРАДЊА ПИРАМИДЕ, ФАЗА 4ФАЗА 4ФАЗА 4
On July 24, into the body of the pyramid we poured 100 cubic meters of concrete onto the base of white sandy quartz.

On July 28, we started to erect the external forms to the height of 4 meters.

Between the internal pyramid resonator chambers and the central chamber there will be reservoirs which will hold water. According to our research, the water having been exposed to the energy in the internal reservoirs, it will be drained into pools for soaking. We plan two pools. In one, the water from the reservoir in the lower third of the pyramid will be stored, in the other, water from the focal zone. In the historical memory the characteristic of the water having had the exposition in the lower or focal zones of the pyramid is preserved as “alive” one (lower third) and “dead” one (focal zone). In fact the water acquires the feature of flow harmonization of two opposite currents (Yin-Yan, BA-KA) of inner biological time. In the process of the researches of the properties of the water put into the focal zone it was found out that it does not perish for years. The field of the zone suppresses the vital activity of the pathogenic bacteria! This effect is connected with the acidity increase of the water which is in the zone (pH index decrease), what is an indirect sign of the speed decrease of the time current in the zone. The most important characteristic of the “dead water” in the fact that it is able to redistribute energy and to divert its excesses in the case of energetic redundancy, connected, for example, with inflammatory processes. Such water has a favourable influence in the case of hypoacidity and many other problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The field of the zone in a certain manner influences the energetic rhythms of the water molecules. Such water will promote the removal of skin inflammations, suppressing the activity of the harmful bacteria. The lower energetic pyramid level has the structure forming field, having positive stimulating influence on the wildlife. The field of the zone influencing the water molecular structure and energetic rhythms endows it with different properties. It becomes alkaline one (pH index increases), its electrical conduction increases. This is the water which the folk tradition calls the “alive’ one. Such water will stimulate small wound healing, activating the cell regeneration processes of the cutaneous covering tissues, having a positive influence on the superficial veins and many other things. Bathing in both pools will have deep health-improving influence on a person and his/her immune system. Such a procedure, for example, having evident antineoplastic and antiviral action, will stimulate and increase the activity of nervous, endocrine and immune systems. Here is the key to the achievement of the amazing results, about which the humankind doesn’t even suspect. One can read in detail about the properties of the pyramids built with a glance to ancient knowledge and on the basis of exact sciences in the book “The Pyramids”, published in 2007.

The second stage of the forms erection is now complete. On July 10 2007, we poured concrete into the pyramid body to the mark of 4 meters.
On July 10, we planned to pour 140 cubic meters of concrete. The concrete trucks began arriving early in the morning.
In order to pour the concrete higher than 4 meters, we had to use a boom rig that pushes the mix out under pressure

Here the concrete is poured that will form the ceiling of the central chamber, and we are standing on the second story floor where the resonator chambers will be located.

Pouring the concrete around the water reservoir chambers forms.

Here we see the forms for the water reservoirs which will be exposed to the pyramids energy flow.
Once the first level was poured, we began the erection of the second story forms. We are able to remove them and reuse them in the upper stages of construction.
The opening you see here will allow the energetic flow to go from the upper pyramidion all the way down the core of both zones.
The middle section of the pyramid has steel reinforcement added.
On August 20, we pored 94 cubic meters of concrete into the pyramid body. This will begin the phase of construction that forms of the resonator chambers of the middle pyramid third.
The entrance into the cave of the water reservoir.

The internal chamber – the second floor.
At this stage the finished concrete forms the floor of the second story. In the center of the floor there is an opening for the free flowing energetic current (Ra-Nefer) of the pyramid.

Early in the morning, on the following day, near the building area, we noticed an extraterrestrial of strange appearance! In his eyes there was amazement and admiration with the pyramid he saw being built.
On August 23, we started to remove the forms from the lower part of the pyramid. They will be reused as forms in the next stage of the building.
Gradually from under the forms, the pyramid body appears. Already now one can imagine how it will look like at the end of construction.

The forms have been removed from walls of the pyramid resonator chambers.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov