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ФАЗА 5Pyramid construction - phase 5ФАЗА 5ФАЗА 5ФАЗА 5
This is after the forms from the first lower third has been completed. The forms from the lower portion will be moved up for the next higher section known as the resonator chambers.

On the second level of the pyramid body, are the 8 resonator chambers.
The chambers are connected to the inner corridors, which form the system, and consolidate the energetic current inside the pyramid.
Reinforcement was inserted we began to erect the external forms.

At this stage of the work the forms are erected to the top of the second level. This allows us to pour the concrete a bit higher than the top of the resonator chambers, and only then after surveying geometric placements will the concrete pour be made to the level of the floor. Here we will erect the forms of the resonator chambers of the next floor.

The form walls of the internal chamber was also reinforced by special blocks.
In the middle level (the area called the "focal zone") will be reservoirs for water. This is the zone of water acidation (Ph decrease). The water having had the treatment in the zone was traditionally called the “dead” one. In fact it is the zone the energetic field of which slows down the time current that is why during the experiments with bifidus bacteria there was an impression that the activity of the bifidus bacteria in the zone is suppressed. Such impression appears for the same reason due to which when watching old films the objects on the screen are moving faster. Such effect appears for the speed increase of the tape feed, what leads to the situation that everything on the screen accelerates its movement. Obviously, everything depends on the speed with which one is going to feed the tape.
At the time the concrete pour for the middle section was complete, we had already poured 334 cubic metres of concrete.
The forms from the central section will be reused for the rest of the construction.
On October 5 2007, we poured 76 cubic meters of concrete.

Now it is time for the following level. This stage started with making the forms for the central chamber vault.

The conical channel moving from the floor of the upper resonator chamber to the upper central part of the vault are seen here. Opposite energy currents of time travel down and back through the body of the pyramid, concentrating in these definite zones. It is in these zones that special energetic sources will be installed.
When the central chamber vault forms were made, the steel reinforcement was laid above the vault and the reinforcement of the pyramid side faces was added on.

The surface is washed out in preparation for the following concrete pour. At this stage the concrete will be poured to the level of the pyramid upper third floor surface. When we are done with this stage, we will begin to make the forms for the 8 resonator chambers, intensifying the field of the pyramid upper third (the upper focal zone). While there is prep work being done upstairs, we will go downstairs and look inside the pyramid. The forms have been removed from the walls of the resonator chambers and the central chamber.
Here is the entrance (from the northern side) inside the pyramid. A person entering will find themself in the resonator chamber, which is connected by means of the passage with the central chamber.
Here is the passage to the adjacent resonator chamber. All the chambers will be connected with one another by means of such passages. The passage configuration will spiral and consolidate the energetic current inside the pyramid.
The last resonator chamber will have only one entrance – this is the chamber where we find the most consolidated energy field.
Now we are at the second story of the pyramid. This is the central chamber. There are still many forms about, which were holding the chamber side walls. The concrete has solidified, but the forms haven’t been removed yet. They will be removed the next day, and now you have an opportunity to see, how properly the builders had reinforced the forms, which had to withstand a huge load during the concrete pouring.
This is the entrance to the resonator chamber at the second level of the pyramid.
At this level the resonator chambers also have a pyramid form. In the picture you see the internal part of the chamber. The walls are still covered with the forms plywood.
To the right there is the entrance into the adjacent resonator chamber.
This entrance (in the floor of the passage) into the reservoir for the water exposure area in the lower focal zone. This is the zone of the “alive water” (the zone of the alkalization, pH increase).
The entrance into the resonator chamber at the opposite side.
Above the preparatory works are continuing.
By October 20 the external forms were erected up on the next level.
Between the external forms and the vault of the central chamber, work is being done on the reinforcement laying and the installation of the reservoirs for the water exposure.

On October 23 into the pyramid there will be poured about 60 cubic meters of the concrete.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov