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ФАЗА 6Pyramid construction - phase 6ФАЗА 6ФАЗА 6ФАЗА 6
We postponed pouring concrete by one day because the pump truck was out of order. On October 25th, we poured cubic 64 meters of concrete forming the body of the pyramid.

The pyramid continues to grow taller and taller. The forms along the walls are used by the workers to move along the pyramid face.

On October 27, we started to add the reinforcement steel. The upper area is leveled prior to beginning the 8 resonator chambers on the third floor. Their height will be 1,5 meters.

On this third level, along with the central core of the pyramid, there are two areas to the water reservoirs where the water is exposed to the pyramid's energy.

Due to space restrictions, we erected the forms for the resonator chambers on the ground. The area had to be cleared before that work could occur.

The next day it snowed for the first time.
The weather made it much more difficult to work. It was sometimes 10 degrees below zero. Tirelessly, the work continued on to complete the forms for the resonator chambers and the passages between them.
The resonator chambers of the upper level will be used to expose objects in scientific research to the pyramid's energy. There will be sources of energy within the passages of the upper level.

After the forms for the resonator chambers were finished, the reinforcement steel was added on.
Here the internal chamber on the second story of the pyramid is seen after removal of the forms.
The second story of the pyramid has the entrances to the resonator chambers on it. Once the forms were removed, the field inside the pyramid became more distinct. The internal chamber and the passages to the side chambers, even outwardly, have become more associated with the chambers inside the Egyptian pyramids.

In the upper part of the vault of the central chamber there will be a cone-shaped pipe (well), leading to the upper resonator chamber and four resonator chambers of the third level.

The cone shaped resonator forms the well and entrances into the four side chambers of the resonator level.
The cone shaped forms for the well were covered with reinforced iron plates.
Before the external wall forms could be completed, the reinforcements were welded together.

The weather began to cooperate during the erection of the external forms. It got warmer and began to rai.
The assembly of the external forms began with the assembly of the corner pieces.

We planned the last phase of concrete pouring for December 15-16. Sadly, the lack of a steady supply of concrete still plagues us. We hope that by Saturday, December 15th, the concrete trucks will start to come to the pyramid.
The weather is still favorable. During the daytime it is 1 degree above zero. The climate changes began more than 1.5 years ago. Perhaps it will bring us luck, because this year we will finish building the pyramid body under favorable weather conditions.

Despite the unpredictable weather, the concrete was poured into the body of the pyramid. By the end of December, the third level had been finished.

The concrete work was finished that made the floor of the upper chamber where white quartz will complete the topmost chamber. This upper chamber will fulfill a special function.
In the center, there is a square entrance by which a person can enter into the chamber in which a special energetic source will be installed.

The entrance into the upper chamber will be covered with a grate with holes for ventialtion.
At this stage of the work, there is little room at the top for more than one person.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov