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ФАЗА 7Pyramid construction - phase 7ФАЗА 7ФАЗА 7ФАЗА 7
The cage for the upper chamber was made on the ground, and then it was put up, after what one started to lay the reinforcement.

Slow and sure the works on the reinforcement laying are nearing their end. Then one will again pour the concrete, which at this stage will be prepared straight near the pyramid.

At last, the works on the concrete pouring into the pyramid body were finished. After the works completion on aligning the pyramid edges there will be erected the pyramidion on it and it will get a thorough form.
From the pyramid and its internal chambers one removed all the forms and the surrounding territory was scavenged from the construction waste.
The entrance opening was also prepared for the door fixing. At once after the fixing one will bring a thermal “gun” into the pyramid and the process of drying the internal pyramid chambers will begin.
In the previously prepared opening in the floor of the first resonator chamber the well was dug, from which afterwards into the internal reservoirs of the pyramid (to all three levels) water will be given for the exposition and its subsequent usage in the special pools.
Despite the fact that at once we came across a huge boulder, which we had to break and to piecemeal take it out to the surface, the place for the well was chosen correctly. Soon the water appeared in the well, after what one installed concrete rings. Subsequently, above the well one will install a special energetic source.
Along with the well works there started the works on aligning the walls of the resonator chambers and the central room.

Now we will go up the ladder to the second storey of the pyramid. The forms have already been completely removed there and one can estimate how everything looks like.
These are the entrances to the resonator chambers at the second storey (the second energetic level).
Straight behind the entrance there is the well, leading to the reservoir for the water exposition. Through it one will be able to penetrate inside for the reservoir cleaning. Later on it will also be closed with a cap and one will install an energetic source for the water energetics increase.
The wall surface at this chamber is smooth enough. It seems here there will be not so much work on the surface aligning.
Still up the stairs we go to the following level.
Before us there is the entrance to the central cone-shaped well, in the lower part of which there are entrances to 4 upper chambers, fulfilling the role of resonators.
The entrance into one of the chambers (resonator) of the third energetic level. There are 8 such chambers – their height is about 1.5 metres.
We are climbing higher. This is the entrance to the upper chamber.
We are climbing far higher...
Here it is. This is a special room, with particular parameters, in the center of which there will be the main energetic source (as in the Great Pyramid). Its walls haven’t been aligned and polished yet. There is the exit above it, which will later be covered with the pyramidion, through which one will see the sky. The pyramidion lens will be focused at the definite stars. But we will speak about it later.
And now we will return downstairs, where one will lay the following ring into the well bore. Then one will continue the works on the chamber walls surface aligning. After aligning they will be covered with a special mix and polished like glass.

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"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov