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ФАЗА 8Pyramid construction - phase 8ФАЗА 8ФАЗА 8ФАЗА 8
While the expedition participants were gathering by grains the splinters of knowledge in the temples of Cambodia and Egypt, the pyramid builders in Russia have considerably advanced in the work on preparing the resonator chamber walls. In the places, where the forms did not to withstand pressure of the concrete and deflected there appeared barely visible prominences. All these prominences were sheared, and the wall surfaces were prepared for aligning by means of the special mix, containing silicon.
Despite the fact that the forms mainly withstood pressure of the concrete the prominences were in all the chambers, that is why the work on prominence shearing took up a lot of time.
As a result of the work with the wall surface one will get a high-quality acoustic effect with the possibility of transformation of the pyramid energy current into the range of the vibrations perceived by the human organism and energetic system. At the first stage from the central openings in the pyramid chambers one pulled out gravel stones and sand. All 9 openings will thoroughly be cleaned and aligned, and then in each opening they will install an energy source. In the energetic mechanism of the pyramid these “energy sources” will play a special, key role. The prototype of such a device is in the Great Pyramid. It was inherited by the ancient Egyptians from the Atlantes, who came to the north of Africa long before the flourishing of the Egyptian civilization. This “source” is a device in the basis of which there is a special crystal, whose parameters of the crystal lattice are close to those of the quartz. Almost all the most wonderful phenomena in the Great Pyramid and around it are connected with the presence of the device. The sense of the usage of the “energy source” is in its ability to have energetic influence on the spatio-temporal structure of the region of the pyramid location. The “energetic source” itself is designed in such a way, that its function is connected with the energy shedding pulsing core of our planet. In the definite periods of the year the processes happening in the Cosmos arouse the excitation of the core of our planet, which starts to shed the energy stimulating the evolution of all living things on the Earth. Intensifying the current of this energy (vibrations of the definite frequency), the pyramid focuses it on a person, who is in the definite chamber of the pyramid. But if only one “source” was installed into the Great Pyramid, in our pyramid there will be installed 9 complexes of the energetic devices. To restore and to reproduce the construction of such a device became possible in the process of the analysis a row of ancient monuments, due to this there appeared an opportunity to intensify the pyramid influence having placed in the pyramid several “sources of energy”. Already at the stage of bench tests these energy devices gave the result which surpassed expectation!
After finishing the works on aligning the walls, the quality and geometry of the surfaces will be checked by means of the special laser device.
One of the cavities into which there will be installed one of 9 complexes of the “energy sources”.
Only by the beginning of June one had finished works on the preparing the wall surfaces and there started the works on their aligning. After from the surfaces they had taken away all unnecessary things, on the prepared walls one started to spread a special mix, containing white cement, silicon, ground quartz and liquid glass in the golden section ratio.
The stages of dabbing the walls of one of the internal resonator chambers.

Layer-by-layer dabbing with the special mix of the walls of the chamber, into which the entrance from the northern side leads.
The wall aligning of the central chamber in which there will be the main multi level “energy source”.
The generating unit, which is planned for the installation in this chamber, will in principle consist of the complex of the devices, forming 14-level system (7 KA – 7 BA), focusing the energy flow in the curtain focal zones.
The main idea of the system is for a person who is inside to be able to become the centre of the universe energy current in one variant of the unit element orientation, and in the other one for a person to become a link of the chain along which the energy current goes to the multilevel energetic system of the universe.
The surface drying before the final aligning.
At the same time there were framing scaffolds erected at the eastern side of the pyramid and one started the works on its aligning and preparing for the covering with a special mix.

Already at this stage about the side surface one installs special beacons, by means of which later there will the surface geometry be defined by means of the special laser unit.
When the pyramid is covered by the night darkness local boys and girls are climbing it.
They easily and quickly understand things which we adult comprehend with difficulties and for a long time. Looking at them one deeply understands that these are them who will cope with the pyramids, they will change our world for best, using their energy and properties – they are our future.

Next morning the adults climbed up the pyramid.

There have a lot of rumours spread that the pyramid, as the ancient texts say, grants strength and happiness.
At the aligning works from 4 to 9 people are occupied.
As the mix, with which the pyramid is being covered, is drying, its walls gain limy white colour.
For the pyramid influence to be effective enough in future its sides and inner surfaces must be carefully aligned and brightly polished.
Dabbed on the walls inside the pyramid mix is drying slowly, what makes the cover very firm.
After the walls and ceiling dry one will start to lap them, and then they will be covered with the white envelope.
The wall aligning in the side resonator chambers.

The first day of the eastern side aligning was finished at the level of 4 metres.
And the next day the works on the eastern side aligning were finished after what the framing scaffolds were removed to the northern side.
By July 27 the northern side aligning had been successfully finished.
The north eastern edge of the pyramid has acquired the clear geometry.
The next stage is the western side aligning.
The plane of the finished side is even.
The side surface has acquired quite finished and impressive shape.
The additional party of the white cement for internal finishing works.
The walls of the internal chamber have dried and are ready for the pointed aligning after what according to the plan they will be covered with the special mix of white colour.

The vault of the second storey chamber. The chamber will be used for the water exposition and medical experiments. Straight after finishing the works on the pyramid building it is planned to conduct a row of scientific works on medicine, particularly on oncology, endocrinology (in the first place, on the diabetes ), the problems of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Also they will cover a row of the areas in botany, researches of the water structure changes, exposure of the medicinal substances, biologically active supplements, creams and ointments of medical and cosmetic prescriptions.
After the western side aligning the framing scaffolds were removed to the south side. Such order of work was chosen not by accident and is connected with the definite energetic cycle.
Along with it, beginning from the upper third, the sides of the pyramid one started to cover with the special mix. This is a particular kind of the liquid glass.
The work on the southern side started with shearing all the unnecessary things.
The process of shearing all the unnecessary things is very labour-intensive. The concrete with the white quartz shows very high strengthening characteristics.
By November 11 2008 the works on shearing all the prominences had been finished after what one started the process of spreading the evener with white quartz and white cement.

By December 13 2008 the works on the pyramid southern side aligning had been finished – and the preparations for the pyramidion erection started.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov