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ФАЗА 1Pyramid construction - first phaseИЗГРАДЊА ПИРАМИДЕ, ФАЗА 1 ФАЗА 1ФАЗА 1
The preparation of the building area started with the search of a geological fault with non-pulsating (permanent) flow of the Earth’s energy. In the process of the search, we found in the region of the pyramid building, an ancient ‘”heathen temple”, which was not less than 700 years old. The center of the “heathen temple” in ancient times was marked with a stone circle with “arrows” radiating from it. The “arrows” were made of rows of stones, put on the ground, which looked like wheel spokes. After defining three zones with the most powerful flow, we chose the place for the first pyramid. The work on the leveling of the area for the pyramid basement building began. The dotted arrow shows the direction of the geological fault. On the picture one can see that the geological fault is confined to the spring spouting from under the ground surface (it is a small pond at the foreground of the picture). From the other side of the area the geological fault is aligned by the birches growing along it.
The laying of gravel and drainage pipes for water drainage from under the pyramid after atmospheric precipitation.
The leveling of the area, covered with the gravel.

After covering the gravel with the layer of the white quartz sand, the concrete forms for the pyramid basement were prepared.

After preparing the forms, we then surveyed the orientation according to the corners of the Earth.

Surveyors checking the level and horizontal alignment of the prospective basement.
With the forms in place, steel reinforcement was placed before filling concrete with white quartz sand.

Several days later after finishing the works and preparing building materials for the next phase of the construction it snowed for the first time. Now the basement must mature during several months.

At the end of May 2007 one started the following phase – the building of the pyramid itself.

"The Pyramids" (2007),
written by Valery Uvarov