Appendix 11

 The All-Russian (Lenin) Electro-Technical Institute

An evaluation was carried out of the effect of the pyramid field on an electrical field in a long air-gap between a rod and a surface under a positively polarised impulse tension of 250/2500 μs.

The basic set-up used had a rod-surface air-gap between the electrodes of 5.0 metres.

The experimental set-up was the same, except that placed on the surface were 7 pieces of granite, each weighing 100 grammes that had been exposed in the pyramid and were placed on the surface around the perimeter of a 1-metre-diameter circle with its centre 0.5 metres from the centre of the surface.

100 voltage impulses were applied to each of the set-ups. The trajectories of the discharges and the impact damage points were recorded. On the basis of the results a plot of the impact points was produced. The discharge voltage throughout the experiments was approximately 1400 kV.

As a result of the study it was reliably established that the number of impact points inside the circle in the basic set-up was 5 times higher than in the experimental set-up.

Conclusion: the shape made up of pieces of stone exposed in the pyramid has powerful properties protecting the part of the surface inside it against damage from electrical discharges.